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Rosehip oil & white bed linen = a terrible idea

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NomDePlumeReloaded Sat 18-Mar-17 14:20:28

Am I the only one who has ruined lovely white bed linen with orange stains from Rosehip oil?

This is sort of a good housekeeping crossed with S&B. The top of my duvet cover and my pillowcase (from my face, neck and chest). It is lovely on my skin but a disaster for my bedclothes. I wash my sheets on the hottest wash I can (they shrink at 90) and use a good bio washing powder, whitening sheet & soda crystals in wash, but still the ghost of Rosehip haunts my bedroom. Arghhhh.

I use the cold pressed version from Fushi and really like it. I have the Ordinary one but haven't tried it yet. Is there a better one from a staining POV or are they all much the same if they are 'pure' rosehip?

ggirl Sat 18-Mar-17 14:34:37


sorry no ideas except dying the linen to match?

NomDePlumeReloaded Sat 18-Mar-17 14:35:30

Orange bedlinen?! shock

TomHardyOvulationConundrum Sat 18-Mar-17 14:36:34

I use the Ordinary one and have white bedlinen. I haven't noticed any staining but I only use literally a couple of drops on top of moisturiser.

Losgunna Sat 18-Mar-17 14:39:02

If it's pure white could you try a bit of vanish for whites? Or soaking in very diluted bleach solution? (perhaps just spot treat the orange bits?)

ggirl Sat 18-Mar-17 14:40:18

lol @ orange bedlinen it dusky peach ..or skin coloured wink

grannycake Sat 18-Mar-17 14:51:01

I also use the ordinary oil and have had no staining. Again I only use a drop or so

pseudonymity Sat 18-Mar-17 19:36:44

I have this, it has stained my white company bed linen, pillows, and my £275 silk filled duvet shock

CaoNiMartacus Sat 18-Mar-17 20:11:12

Busy-patterned bed linen is the way forward grin

MooMinCow Sat 18-Mar-17 21:30:33

I use the Pai one and have had no issue with staining. Are you applying it close to bedtime or earlier? I tend to cleanse my face as soon as I get home and apply my oil then so it has a good 3-4 hours to absorb into the skin before bedtime. I find 2-3 drops plenty, sometimes followed up by a night cream to seal it in.

A silk pillowcase might help also

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