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Does anyone set their makeup with spray rather than powder?

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MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sat 18-Mar-17 08:19:17

Venturing out to the shops today. I was reading about using a setting spray for when you've finished putting on make up instead of powder.

Has anyone tried this, and would you recommend it? Does it stop the shine without looking claggy?

The recommedation came from a list of how to not to allow makeup to age you (apparently powder can gather and sit in creases and wrinkles making them look worse).

chipsandpeas Sat 18-Mar-17 08:21:10

i do i find my make up last longer
i have the urban decay setting spray but also a cheap one from primark

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sat 18-Mar-17 08:22:27

Thanks chipsandpeas. Do you not use powder at all then when using the spray?

margaritasbythesea Sat 18-Mar-17 08:46:21

I ttied the Clarins one and all it seemed to do as make my eyes water like buggery, so avoid that one. Also, it didn;t do the job of replacing powder as I had hoped. I don't know if others do.

SuburbanRhonda Sat 18-Mar-17 08:48:59

DD is a makeup artist and she swears by the Urban Decay setting spray.

SuburbanRhonda Sat 18-Mar-17 08:49:32

She does use powder as well.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sat 18-Mar-17 09:04:53

Thanks for the replies.

I had heard that Urban Decay do one so it's the brand I was thinking of buying.

I must have mistaken it as a replacement for powder, maybe it stops the (sometimes imagined) need to reapply powder (which is where that overly done, sitting in wrinkles look comes from).

Bleurghghghgh Sat 18-Mar-17 09:24:48

I use smash box primer liquid once I've applied all base products - powder, blush etc. It makes it look more like skin imo and does keep it on longer. Mac fix+ is good too

user1468928560 Sat 18-Mar-17 09:31:00

I use the Urban Decay one. I do my makeup, set it with powder first then finish with the spray to remove the powdery look.

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