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Leather handbag under £100

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TheDisreputableDog Fri 17-Mar-17 18:28:35

I'm in desperate need of a new 'work' handbag. Needs to be a decent size (I carry a lot of stuff round) but not enormous (to stop me carrying too much).

Ideally think I want something structured as I often have a laptop bag on one shoulder so want something I can carry.

I've been wondering about this one]] but can't decide...

Any suggestions..?

ImperialBlether Fri 17-Mar-17 18:29:36

Your link is wrong, OP!

TheDisreputableDog Fri 17-Mar-17 21:49:55

Whoops link

BounceBounceSplishSplash Fri 17-Mar-17 21:55:15

I don't think that bag that you've linked would be good as an everyday work handbag as the colour would be quite limiting in terms of what coats and outfits it would go with without clashing horribly.

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