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New job - new wardrobe

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elfycat Fri 17-Mar-17 17:01:04

Hi S&B topic. Newby to the topic area grin

I'm 45 and will be started a new job (new field) in 4 weeks after a SAHP break. I need a new wardrobe.

Overweight but hold it well, pear shape, long hair (blonde with the grey coming through nicely now) and I don't really wear trousers (winter school runs excepted).

I did plan a summer of tea-dresses, which suit me but are a bit much for a support job at a school. My winter wardrobe had been trouser style leggings, black boots and floral tunic tops. Summer is usually long skirts and dresses - occasional knee length. I tend to be on the smarter side of smart-casual after 2 phases where I've worked in offices, the rest of the time I've been a nurse in those fit-everyone theatre blues.

I'm going to be principal first-aider (half admin, half pastoral) so I need outfits I could bolt around the school in (lots of steps). I don't mind being a bit 'mumsy' as I'll be dealing with secondary school children who are feeling unwell and have to come and find me.

The new wardrobe is my current headache.

I'm happily developing the peri-menopause and have phases of hot-flushes (and the bits where I'm freezing. The thermostat is well and truly broken), so layers will be useful. I can wear tights this time of year - but in Summer I'll melt. I imagine I'll be melting a lot anyway.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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