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Guess the age of my hand.

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retainertrainer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:20:01

Just for fun,I'm bored,sitting here,looking at my hands (as you do) and thinking they're looking a bit old.

ZaraW Fri 17-Mar-17 09:24:00

Mid 40's your hands look very similar to mine and I'm 45.

GotToGetMyFingerOut Fri 17-Mar-17 09:24:47


Whatslovegottodo Fri 17-Mar-17 09:25:18


mojitomint Fri 17-Mar-17 09:26:04


TopKittyKat Fri 17-Mar-17 09:26:37

Late 30s. Looks like mine confused

Mylittlestsunshine Fri 17-Mar-17 09:26:41


YourFace Fri 17-Mar-17 09:26:48


whitesklyer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:30:47

35? your hands look younger and less "baggy" than mine (Im 45) . Also your nails look lovely smile

ReturnofSaturn Fri 17-Mar-17 09:32:17

Anything from 20's to 40's really. They dont look old. Look similar to mine and im 28 confused

Gingerbreadmam Fri 17-Mar-17 09:35:28

im going with 37

Marvellousmarg Fri 17-Mar-17 09:36:46

48. I'm older but they look like mine.

Nice nails. Do you use hand cream??

AteRiri Fri 17-Mar-17 09:38:34

38. Looks like mine.

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Fri 17-Mar-17 09:40:14

Mid 20s to 30s

bigmack Fri 17-Mar-17 09:41:15


Maudlinmaud Fri 17-Mar-17 09:41:47


BreatheDeep Fri 17-Mar-17 09:41:47

40? Guessing in comparison to mine

retainertrainer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:42:21

I'm 36 so not too far off some of your guesswork. I do use hand cream but not religiously. I think the problem is that I have to wash them so much in work they get quite dry and they're a bit sinuey (that doesn't show in the picture). I also think I've got an age spot (next to the mole).

Any suggestions of a good hand cream? I'm thinking I should be using one with an spf.

Isadora2007 Fri 17-Mar-17 09:43:07

Gawd mine look about 80 next to yours... but I have very dry skin so that is ageing for the hands.

Haven't a clue what age your hands are. But am jealous.

retainertrainer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:44:34

Liver spot I mean.

retainertrainer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:45:28

That was fun! Does anyone else want to play?

Maudlinmaud Fri 17-Mar-17 09:45:47

We look like hand twins, remember that episode?
I love hand cream but the one I adore at the moment is william morris shea butter. I'm nearly out of it. I also like gardeners therapy.

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 17-Mar-17 09:47:00

Oh I was going to say early 30s! I don't think they look old at all, I'm nearly 27 and yours look like mine. Except your nails are nicer grin

retainertrainer Fri 17-Mar-17 09:48:27

Hand twins grin we could make a fortune!

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 17-Mar-17 09:52:44

Here's mine - it actually looks horrible now I look closely grin
I'm fairly thin which doesn't help as the tendons stand out like ropes in my hands! Finally stopped biting my nails last year and it's definitely made my hands look much nicer though

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