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What can I wear for Mother's Day meal?

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crazypenguinlady Thu 16-Mar-17 19:39:30

Got a meal booked for 8 of us for Mother's Day with my side of the family. My baby will be a few days shy of 4 weeks old so obviously my body is still adjusting post pregnancy. I'm at a loss of what to wear. I obviously want to look nice but my maternity wear is no good and not quite ready to wear my pre -pregnancy clothes. Biggest problem is my boobs are ginormous as I'm breastfeeding (I'm currently a 34G!!) Id prefer not to spend a lot as I might not wear it again if I buy something new. Sorry for blabbering on, just don't know what to wear. Any suggestions? I'm between a size 10-1, my stomach has gone down a lot from Bfing but obviously still have a small 'pooch'.

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