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Italian summer wedding style

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Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 16:36:52

I am going to a wedding in Italy in June and need some inspiration for where to look for an outfit. It's a late evening wedding but it will still be quite warm, and I'm not inspired by any of the more traditional wedding guest outfits I'm seeing in places like Coast and Monsoon and the like. Size 14 curvy type body although not just looking at ideas for the outfit, I'm more looking for ideas for where to get good quality interesting dresses/skirt and top combos. Asos is great for sheer choice and different price points but also would like some niche places. Obviously not anywhere that only caters for up to size 12 willowy types! Ideas I have at the moment are 70's style floaty or 50's style, but not of the Lindy Bop retro kind. Probably prepared to pay up to £200. Want to look sophisticated as fuck basically! I'll be in flats and heels as there are some walking and boat parts (boat along the coast part of it)

highinthesky Thu 16-Mar-17 16:42:01

Go for a an elegant and glamorous long evening dress that shows off your curves, plus a stole. ASOS stuff to my eye looks cheap, stick to Monsoon / Wallis / Principals / Oasis / M&S / Designers at Debenhams etc.

I have plenty of evening dresses in size 14 (I am over 6' in heels) and they look great.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 16:57:33

I need to remember it's evening, for sure, I keep thinking light summer dresses for Italy but with a 6pm ceremony then boat then reception starting at 9pm it is very evening and I might need a covering! I am however only 5 foot 4 smile but long is an option.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 17:01:09

Problem is avoiding looking too 'prom'. I want to look stylish and cool. I like a floral but don't want to be too girly and young. I'm 34, not that it matters much smile

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 17:10:08

I don't hate this shape, and quite like the light sleeves, but of it isn't fitted on the waist and boobs I worry I'll just look dumpy and swathed in material.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 17:10:42

Picture fail...

Livedandlearned Thu 16-Mar-17 17:17:34

I have recently discovered Silkfred, they have a varied selection of nice outfits

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 17:20:31

I see Silkfred a lot on Facebook, stuff looks nice although selection has obviously been a bit wintery of late so will take a look to see if more summery stuff is on. Although all black might make a statement!

MorelloKisses Thu 16-Mar-17 18:01:42

I have no clue what they might be, but see if you can find out Italian wedding norms

You don't want to wear black and that be a sign of disapproval of the marriage!

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 18:17:24

No one at the wedding is Italian actually grin all from the UK but wanted to get married there! And a civil ceremony so I won't fall foul of any religious issues. I have been to a wedding in a Spain that was full Spanish family and in a Catholic cathedral and thinking about it a lot of the brides family wore very dark coloured clothes! That was also 6pm, very civilised time to get married!

taybert Thu 16-Mar-17 18:23:40

Oo, watching, I'm going to a wedding in Italy in July and don't know what to wear either. I've been advised against heels too which is extra tricky for me!

Rockaby Thu 16-Mar-17 18:27:17

WARNING, boring old fart, practical advice follows grin.

I went to a wedding in Italy last June and it was seriously hot! Think it was unusually so for the time of year though.

I was one of the only women wearing a hat and I was very glad I had it, as it kept the sun off my head a bit. I would definitely recommend having one to go with your outfit. Also bring a big bag for sun cream, bottle of water etc.

The day after the wedding there was a rain storm and it was absolutely pouring. Think the thing to do is to find out if there will be shade / shelter at the wedding (there was next to none at the one I went to), unless you are pretty sure what the weather will be like. Then you can plan to have an umbrella as well as hot weather paraphernalia in your bag just in case!

I'd definitely go for floaty and made if something light and cool with a coverup for later in the evening as pps suggested.

taybert Thu 16-Mar-17 18:34:29

It's good advice! The one we're going to starts mid afternoon. I burn in the U.K. so I'm a bit concerned about being outside for all that time in the heat! Floaty is good but often polyester and sweatier than it looks.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 18:35:41

I am doing flats in the bag as we are walking to a dock, getting on a bit, walking to restaurant where reception is etc but would like heels as well to feel a bit glam at the non walking points! I am hoping not too hot at 6pm but we will be travelling down to the ceremony from about 4 so it will be hot then, a glam floppy hat would be good then! Wedding is in a town hall so not in the open. We are staying 5 mins from where the reception is held so not too worried about the inevitable drunken stumble home at 4am! I thought some nice metallic sandals for the flat shoes, but it does mean I can't go too long as I am short and can't rely on heels all day to make that look good.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 18:38:35

I am hoping for natural fabrics to avoid the sweat! Or at least not too thick. Saw some nice dresses but they were those scuba type fabric as I imagined sweating buckets. Makeup is another thing as well. And tan, I am white as milk and have never really fake tanned before so don't really want to start now and sweat orange all over. I don't want to feel trussed up or over made up but also I probably need some structure to a dress to avoid looking chunky. Sigh.

Buglife Thu 16-Mar-17 18:39:48

I meant getting on a boat, we aren't getting on a bit blush perfectly young and healthy!

Rockaby Thu 16-Mar-17 20:24:39

That wedding sounds lovely! The one I went to was stunning, but totally impractical- at a massive, ruined castle so ALL outdoors from start to finish. Some of the older guests and children were getting far too hot. I bet they got some gorgeous photos though!

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