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Retinol A cream

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lindyloo57 Thu 16-Mar-17 14:29:42

Hi, do any body know where i can buy some Retinol A cream, the real stuff not what you get in boots ect, i looked on EBay but did not want to buy from thailand or singapore, not sure what you are getting. was told you can get in spain if only i was going on holiday there this year.

augustbody Thu 16-Mar-17 14:33:30

Yeah i wouldn't buy from abroad! Retinol is very strong and the proper stuff is prescription only. I know that The Ordinary do some retinol (retinoid? I don't know the difference!) which are supposed to be good?

sems Thu 16-Mar-17 16:52:33

Hi, I am a nurse prescriber and sell this. Visit any aesthetic clinic and you should be able to have a consultation and buy some. If you inbox me your area I should be able to recommend someone x

highinthesky Thu 16-Mar-17 16:58:43

Retinol derivatives have a medical use and I hate the way it's abused for aesthetic purposes, ie wrinkles. It's POM status reflects its clinical risks.

Anyone worried about wrinkles should use a UV block and avoid smoking instead.

lindyloo57 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:08:27

Thanks for advice i will try the ordinary, i have looked at some good reviews on you tube

Bodicea Thu 16-Mar-17 19:24:58

Retinoid 2% from the ordinary is what I am tripping now. They say it is more effective than their retinol but gives non of the irritation that retinA/Tretinoin - the prescription stuff.

Bodicea Thu 16-Mar-17 19:25:09

Trying now,

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