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Do SpaceNK do makeup 'lessons' (a makeover basically) and are they any good?

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JessiCake Thu 16-Mar-17 12:01:13

I have a dim memory of doing something at a Space NK about 20 years ago and getting some good advice and no hard sell.

But I probably need to update my makeup routine after all this time!!!

Do they still do this? I'd quite like advice across the product ranges as I tend to use a few different things from Space NK eg Laura Mercier, Nars etc.

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 16-Mar-17 21:22:06

I've seen people in SpaceNK having makeovers for Nars, Laura Mercier and Chantecaille.
Much as I love the place I would avoid it for a makeover personally as a huge percentage of their staff are extremely pushy when it comes to sales and will flog you anything rather than caring if it suits you. I don't know if their sales are commission based but it does feel that way.

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