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Going grey... shall I cut it? Suggestions please!

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StillMedusa Wed 15-Mar-17 23:36:39

After a HIDEOUS very short hair cut 18m ago (my fault ..I walked into Supercuts on a whim...) I have been letting my hair grow with regular trims. I decided at the same time, that while I hated my hair I might as well stop colouring it as I was never entirely happy, whether I did it or a hairdresser did it. Always a bit too dark (mid brown) then ok for 2 weeks, then roots. So I stopped.
18m later I have shoulder length (grows fast thank god!) hair with white at the parting and lots of scattered grey throughout. I actually love my white streak..I'm 49 and it feels like 'this is me heading for 50 and I'm grateful to be here' but I'm not sure about growing it. My natural colour is about down to my chin now with the old colour faded at the rest. If I tie it up I look witchy (I'm not good looking..decidedly average)

BUT I do have good, thick, and now, with little colour, very healthy hair: seems a shame in a way to cut it. I have an appointment tomorrow.
I have a long face, don't wear makeup other than mascara. I'm slim and tall and have a bit of a conk .(Really selling myself here grin)
I'm wondering about a bob of some kind.. long side fringe (can't have a blunt one as I have a cow's lick so it will NOT lie nicely)

Any suggestions?

Albadross Wed 15-Mar-17 23:47:27

I'm in the same boat almost exactly - only I'M ONLY 36!

I say go for a bob, that's what I'm doing.

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