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Argh holiday clothes help!

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forfucksakenet Wed 15-Mar-17 21:56:34

I'm carrying a bit too much baby weight still and am heading on holiday in a couple of weeks. What do I wear?! I'm a tallish 16 and the weather will be warmer than here but not toasty hot (Italy). Genuinely have no clue where to even start.

hellswelshy Thu 16-Mar-17 18:08:20

Do you like dresses? I find dresses so much easier than separates personally! Maybe a few dresses that you can wear with a jacket or cardi in the day with sandals or trainers? Then wear them at night too with nice necklaces or scarf. I also love the jersey trousers that Next do, usually take a few pairs on holidays to wear with vest tops or linen t-shirts and my faithful gold sandals smile Hope some of that helps!

forfucksakenet Thu 16-Mar-17 20:30:29

Great help! Thanks. I've ordered a couple of dresses and hadn't thought of looking at Next! Will head to Zara to look for cardies!

Thank you!

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