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Has leopard print had it's day?

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BadTasteFlump Wed 15-Mar-17 12:25:52

Every Spring/Summer for the last few years I've had leopard ballet pumps and I love them smile.

My old ones are looking ropey so I've been browsing online for some replacements - but I'm wondering if they're getting a bit passe? Only going on the fact that I've probably been wearing them for about 4/5 years....

Am not as young and cool as I used to be so would appreciate some opinions from S&B - and if there are more up to date alternatives, could you shove me in the right direction please?

LaGatoteca Wed 15-Mar-17 12:29:46

Leopard print, like denim, is a perennial neutral.

Whether a leopard print item is passé, is about the item itself, about how and where you use it, not the fabric/print.

Onawheel Wed 15-Mar-17 12:33:04

Leopard print is a neutral. Lots of things have become mainstay - like cashmere, denim etc.

Shapes as well - media says every year skinnies are over and although I agree it's not what fashionistas are wearing all the time, they have their place. It's like saying trousers are over 😁

highinthesky Wed 15-Mar-17 13:08:24

I'm not a fan of leopard print.

It reminds me of Rod Stewart in the 70s-80s and the vulgarity that went with him.

Greenvalleymama Wed 15-Mar-17 13:11:49

You could go for a pointed flat or loafer style, rather than round toed ballet shoe? I think the round toes might be less popular now, but I think there'll always be a place for a bit of leopard print!

TheMasterNotMargarita Wed 15-Mar-17 13:12:21


justinelibertine Wed 15-Mar-17 13:13:43

I am a manic street preachers fan. Leopard print will NEVER be out of fashion. For me anyway!

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 15-Mar-17 13:14:50

No, no way, never.

ememem84 Wed 15-Mar-17 13:22:05

I love leopard print.

I bought a pair of pointed toe flats from accessorise a while ago.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Wed 15-Mar-17 14:43:02

I think leopard print accessories - bags, shoes, belts etc - will be around for a long time yet. As others have said, leopard print is a neutral which goes with a lot of things.

honeylou42 Wed 15-Mar-17 15:52:51

Never smile

Destinysdaughter Wed 15-Mar-17 15:56:53

Think leopard print shoes, bags, coats,scarves etc will always be around, always stylish and a bit funky!

Glamorousglitter Wed 15-Mar-17 15:57:46

Agree it s more of a neutral, I like it as an accent to outfit- so belt/ scarf or shoes more than a whole shirt / dress.
Agree re maybe changing the style of shoe to maybe more of a loafer / kitten heel

Floisme Wed 15-Mar-17 18:50:44

Not yet but I don't think it'll be around forever because it's in fashion and that's how the business works. Brown is a stonewall classic neutral but when did we last see that in the shops?

On the plus side, I'm sure it'll bounce back and, in the meantime, something else will take its place. smile

TheFirstMrsDV Wed 15-Mar-17 19:07:01

I love it.
I wear it all the time. Coats, shoes, dresses, shirts, you name it.
<not all at the same time though>

Polkadot1974 Wed 15-Mar-17 20:43:14

So relieved that my new boots are deemed ok. V comfy and yet I feel a bit outrageous wearing them!

CoolCarrie Wed 15-Mar-17 20:59:30

Did it ever have its day? Can't stand any animal prints, especially leopard print, reminds me of Bet Lynch.

Botanicbaby Wed 15-Mar-17 21:03:04

Long live leopard print. it can be classic it, can look cheap, it just depends how you style it.

Anyway I heard double leopard print was back wink

MaQueen Wed 15-Mar-17 22:22:38

I've just picked up some lovely looking dark leopard print (more brownish, than yellow) flats with a tiny heel. Love the look of them, but they're sooooooo stiff and uncomfortable. Think I'll have to bin them sad

Can anyone recommend some brownish leopard print flats, that are nice and soft?

Destinysdaughter Thu 16-Mar-17 12:48:31

Can't you wear them in or get them stretched? Seems a shame to to bin them if they're nice!

BadTasteFlump Thu 16-Mar-17 13:09:48

Maqueen have you tried wearing them for a while with really thick socks on? Indoors obviously as it's not the greatest look grin Otherwise what size are you and where do you keep your bin? wink

I've been eyeing up these ones - possibly in the grey too. The cut away shape of ballet flats suits my long skinny feet better as standard ballet flats can turn my feet into canoes!

BadTasteFlump Thu 16-Mar-17 13:10:26

Oops enormous link there - will try again these

BadTasteFlump Thu 16-Mar-17 13:14:56

Or alternatively I've been pondering something like this, just because they're loafers so would be a bit different.

I keep seeing people on the school run in leopard Converse style pumps but I just don't think they're me...

BounceBounceSplishSplash Thu 16-Mar-17 14:53:15

I like these ones rather than ballet flats

Destinysdaughter Thu 16-Mar-17 15:02:48

Bad taste, I like those loafers!

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