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My hair appears to be breaking off - am I going to go bald? help!

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Gotbills2pay Wed 15-Mar-17 11:41:56

Okay I did have bleached highlights on bleached highlights but the last time I had them done was June last year (9 months ago) I've been conditioning my hair etc etc but have noticed today i have really short - like about 3 inch hairs sprouting out of my crown. FYI I did breastfeed for 2 and a half years but stopped 18 months ago (my DC is nearly 4) and obviously the bleached highlights. It's noticeable because I wear my hair one lenght _ just up to my shoulders. I've been taking Pregnacare new mum which has silica as well as all the multi vits and minerals. My hair does grow fairly fast.
Have been a bit stressed at work but I exercise (yoga/running/spinning) most days to manage this. I do have two DC and work full time. Oh and I'm 47 in June. I don't think I'm losing hair; however I have had a strange rash on my hands and suspected dermatitis/prickly heat type thing on my body. I'm seeing a consultant dematologist tomorrow.. Any advice re. my hair - appreciated. I have highlights to make it look thicker and easier to style- Was going to have a high lift half head (rather than bleach) but maybe not...

SquatBetty Wed 15-Mar-17 12:07:09

Sorry for the possibly stupid question but could it actually be new hair growth? I get sticky up hairs down my parting that are a couple of inches long and it's just new hair growth, not broken hairs

Gotbills2pay Wed 15-Mar-17 12:36:31

It could be betty just I've got paranoid about my hair after the last hairdresser who cut it told me it was wispy and needed five inches off even then it's still a bit wispy at the back, I seem to have a thatch of hair at the back that's very dry. Also getting concerned about my age as well! But my hair is wavy when I don't blow dry it so it looks quite bushy still...

Wtfdoicare Wed 15-Mar-17 13:02:53

New hair growth is easy to recognise as it is tapered at the end of the strand (due to not being cut yet). Sounds like it could be to me.

PoundlandUK Wed 15-Mar-17 13:08:12

I'm having an Olaplex rebonding treatment this week. Will report back Maybe something that would be worth trying? Lots of info and before/afters on line especially for bleached or highlighted hair.

Gotbills2pay Wed 15-Mar-17 15:33:57

Wtf hmm I have been taking supplements for my hair, but we only have the same number of hair folicles we are born with, I don't think we get any more, so at some point the hair must have broken off to grow again. Poundland my hairdresser recommended a L'Oreal one called Powerbond...

Wtfdoicare Wed 15-Mar-17 15:39:47

Gotbills, hair falls out at regular intervals. At least mine does, I lose several when washing and brushing! Also follicles have a 3 month cycle of laying dormant before the new hair grows.

PoundlandUK Wed 15-Mar-17 20:03:17

Gotbills2pay...try the L'oreal Powerbond and we can compare notes smile

FYI....Apparently Olaplex has a lawsuit against Loreal for Powerbond as it apparently uses a formula Loreal only saw during their (failed) negotiations to buy Olaplex. Powerbond is supposed to be good, but not as good as Olaplex, but works along the same lines. Loreal salons can't carry Olaplex now, because they are tied to using the Loreal ranges wherever possible...hence offering Powerbond instead.

I have bought the Olaplex salon treatment (step 1 & 2) from a trade supplier and am doing it DIY!!! I also use Loreal Majirel pro dye so am hoping I can handle it...

I've been through lots of stress lately and it always makes my hair thin/fall/break and look crap. Hope this helps me look a bit fresher.

PoundlandUK Wed 15-Mar-17 20:08:40

I lied. They work in completely diferent ways. Info here:

goldenbrownio Fri 17-Mar-17 03:29:35

Could you lay off the highlights for a while? I have the same problem. I've had mine cut into a bob and put an ash colour over it. It just kept snapping off as I never leave my hair alone. I have a few greys coming through well. I'm trying my best to leave it alone as I don't think they are noticeable really.

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