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What brand is this bag?

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GettingScaredNow Wed 15-Mar-17 09:47:12

I don't have a picture, but they are generally fabric, plain colour (dark blue, brown, dark olive green) with a zip, a popper and brown leather shoulder/grab handles.

I see them everywhere and can't decide if I like them or not. But no idea who makes them?

namechange20050 Wed 15-Mar-17 09:48:27

Do you mean longchamp le pliage?

HolaWeenie Wed 15-Mar-17 09:48:39

Le Pilage? I'm on the fence too.

namechange20050 Wed 15-Mar-17 09:48:45

Don't know how to do a link, sorry.

Ftumch Wed 15-Mar-17 09:49:12


Ftumch Wed 15-Mar-17 09:49:51

Wow that's a long link blush

GettingScaredNow Wed 15-Mar-17 10:07:05

Yes! That's the one.

Thank you. It's been bugging me for so long and then it was like 💡 I'll ask Mumsnet!!

Thank you

Mummy19802b Wed 15-Mar-17 10:09:22

Longchamp le pliage...I have had a few over the years..different you can get shoulder and hand held versions..the shoulder ones are v handy with kids as the bag is v sturdy..holds a can be tempting to over fill though...but overall they do last a fair a bit bored of the style now myself but none the less..its v useful for etc xx

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