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Which outfit...?

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Lumpylumperson Sun 12-Mar-17 21:42:39

Big anniversary coming up so having a blessing and a party. I'm mid 30s, size 10, pale skin, long dark hair, busty and don't like my thighs so dress needs to be below the knee.

Outfit 1.

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Or none of the above?

Lumpylumperson Sun 12-Mar-17 21:43:59

<Disclaimer> I'm not great at seeing different shades of colour so help working out what clashes is good! Thanks.

Ginmakesitallok Sun 12-Mar-17 21:46:39

Don't like first 2 shoes - so it would have to be 3, but don't think shoes would go with the dress

Nospringflower Sun 12-Mar-17 21:51:49

I like dress 1 best.

NapQueen Sun 12-Mar-17 21:55:31

I think dress one goes better with shoes 3.

But I like dress 2 best. But not with any of the shoes.

BellonaBelladonna Sun 12-Mar-17 22:00:10

Dress 3 is lovely. I don't like the shoes though.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Sun 12-Mar-17 22:00:26

I like dress 2 best. Irregular Choice are a marmite shoe and I'm not a fan so won't comment on any of them as I don't think they go with the style of dresses at all or go with anything. ever

EmmaC78 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:01:05

I like dress 1 but would choose different shoes.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Sun 12-Mar-17 22:01:17

Dress 2 is v nice too though. I think dress 1 might be too wishy washy with pale skin.

TeaAndBisquits Sun 12-Mar-17 22:02:15

Dress one matches best with shoes from outfit three.

I like dress three best but not with irregular choice shoes, maybe some some strapped sandals instead?

garlicandsapphire Sun 12-Mar-17 22:04:40

I like the style of dress one best, and then dress three, but the colours are a bit washed out for me. It really depends how they would go with your skin tone. I'm sorry, I really dont get the shoes.. I'd go for something more elegant.

LoupGarou Sun 12-Mar-17 22:07:47

Dress 1 is absolutely stunning. Dress 2 is nice too, dress 3 I'm not so keen on. Not too wild about any of the shoes tbh.

namechangedtoday15 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:09:35

Dress 3 but sorry, all the shoes are awful!

LoupGarou Sun 12-Mar-17 22:12:03

I think something like these might b nice to go with dress 1...

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