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Hairbrush recs for 9 year old boy

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Honey1975 Sun 12-Mar-17 21:01:07

My ds is 9 and typically will never brush his own hair. He's had the current brush since he was small so time for a new one.
Any recommendations please for a good brush for boys of this age?

AveEldon Sun 12-Mar-17 21:04:03

Kent headhog

Pixie2015 Sun 12-Mar-17 21:05:04

Black tangle teaser 😀

Heathen4Hire Sun 12-Mar-17 21:05:28

Tangle teezer. Gets thru hair easily.

MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Mar-17 21:07:52

Any comb or brush that he actually chooses. Then he's more likely to use it wink

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 12-Mar-17 21:11:16

My DS has never had his hair brushed... ever blush. Does your DS have long hair? Could he just have it cut if he doesn't like brushing?

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