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The best product for really bad perspiration?

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OnALosingSpree Sun 12-Mar-17 19:38:10

I have anxiety which makes me sweat. I had to go to an appointment last week and by the time I got there the underarms of my dress was wet with sweat and by the time it dried and I got home I stunk.

It's so embarrassing.

I had normal spray deodorant on. Sure or something.

Are there any specialist products that do a better job?

Flanderspigeonmurderer Sun 12-Mar-17 19:39:42

Something like driclor or perspirex. They are both quite heavy duty

Weebleswobbles Sun 12-Mar-17 19:40:23

Ask your pharmacist and/or GP for advice

Orchidflower1 Sun 12-Mar-17 19:41:48

I sweat more for exactly the same reason. I use Mitchum roll on. It's not 100% but better than say sure/mum etc. I find roll on better than spray too for coverage. I also shave everyday as even tiny stubble seems to make it worse. I'm sure I've read somewhere nervous sweatsmells more than exercise sweat if that makes sense,

Robinkitty Sun 12-Mar-17 19:42:38

I'd second Mitchum

OnALosingSpree Sun 12-Mar-17 19:43:45

I'm so much better when I have my pits waxed but I find it stressful going to have it done.

I'll have a look at those options. Thanks

FannyFifer Sun 12-Mar-17 19:43:48

Driclor, it's the only thing that will sort it.

jimijack Sun 12-Mar-17 19:44:11

Mitchem stick and them mitchem spray on top.
Only thing that works for my problem for the most part and smells lovely even when my sweat gets through it.

illegitimateMortificadospawn Sun 12-Mar-17 19:47:08

The "48 hour" versions of Sure and Mitchum are heavier duty.

AngelicCurls Sun 12-Mar-17 19:53:01

I'm the same, have been since a teenager. I tried driclor years ago but it stung like a bitch so just put up with it but bought some perspires last week, the comfort stuff and it's absolutely amazinggrin I've applied it 2 nights running and it stung a little but not much (I made sure I was completely dry before using it) and I've not sweated at all. Didn't apply last night and still no sweat today gringrin. I still used dove in the morning after my shower a felt strange not to but reckon I could have not put any more on. Total game changer, I am used to wearing cardis over tops in winter to cover up sweat marks and tank style tops in summer and braving normal t shirts if I wasn't going to be out too long but now will be able to wear what I like. It has made my pits a little dry and also can't shave for 48hrs before but I don't care if I'm a hairy Mary as long as I'm not a smelly one!

AngelicCurls Sun 12-Mar-17 19:54:20

Oops-sorry that was a bit longblush am just v chuffed!

JohnCheese Sun 12-Mar-17 19:57:48

If you've the money, Botox works a treat. But it is expensive. Might be worth thinking about if the above suggestions don't work.

Scrubba Sun 12-Mar-17 20:20:18

I use this

Perspi-Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray - 50ml

I think it's best for occasional use as I didn't find it as effective for long term but it worked a treat and I would 100% recommend it.

picklemepopcorn Sun 12-Mar-17 20:29:22

Another recommendation saying Mitchum roll on.

CleopatraCominAtcha Sun 12-Mar-17 22:18:31

Whatever you're using make sure it's washed off properly in the shower in the morning before you reapply. I use Mitchum stick which works but any residue means yesterday's sweat is still there doing its evil work. For me washing off requires a good scrub with exfoliating scrub or gloves and proper soap, otherwise it's game over before I've started.

piddleypower Sun 12-Mar-17 23:07:31

Driclor or perspirex. Get from Boots. Make sure armpits are really dry before applying - I used to dry them with hairdryer. Use only a little at first as it does sting. But it def does the job. Mitchum is not in the same category!

piddleypower Sun 12-Mar-17 23:09:01

Oh and Linden Voss Triple Dry also good. Same advice re drying.

Maverick66 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:19:02

Go to see your GP.
They will refer you to a clinic for excessive sweating.
There are several options for you to try.
Clinic will go through them all with you.
Good luck

gonegrey56 Mon 13-Mar-17 16:24:31

Just to agree that a GP can advise (and get a referral to a dermatologist if necessary). My niece has had help through medication. Life changing for her.

ChicRock Mon 13-Mar-17 20:11:25

Anhydrol Forte - either on prescription or you can buy it over the counter.

ChocolateSherberts2017 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:38:31

Firstly, wash under your arms with an anti bacterial soap. I use Dettol soap which I buy from Home Bargains for a pound.

Dry well then use a heavy duty deodorant. I use Mitchum which is fine for me but I suspect you will need something a bit stronger.

Visit the Dr just to rule out anything hormonal or otherwise.

Bubspub Mon 13-Mar-17 20:51:20

I love Tripledry, they do a 72 hour spray. It's quite heavy duty and I don't think I've had any bad odours since I started using it. It's over £5 for a spray can but really worth it. I also get anxiety sweating, particularly at work, but it works really well.

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