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Makeup advice for going on a date...

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SapphireSeptember Sat 11-Mar-17 23:28:03

...That really pisses me off. So I'm married so not likely to be going on a first date anytime soon, but whenever I see make up/fashion articles in magazines about what to wear/not to wear on a first date, they always suggest natural looking make up, no glitter or bright colours or 'weird' lipstick. (For a certain subsection of society weird lipstick is the norm, and not just for females, so there, stupid magazine people who thinks everyone is the same.)

I personally don't think I'd want to be with someone who couldn't handle me in my 'normal' make up, which for me is pretty loud, but it's what I feel comfortable in. Natural looking make up makes me look washed out, I'd be more likely to scare them off by looking like a corpse (as opposed to actual corpse paint, hehehehe.)

There was one article in Style magazine that said that if your date can't handle you at your brightest then they don't deserve you, which I heartily agree with. I wonder how many dates in some of these article writers think you're allowed to be a glitter ball, or wear bright or dark or crazy coloured lipstick and some neon eyeshadow. Maybe after the wedding?

Or maybe this is just me and I need to stop taking these things seriously. grin

LockedOutOfMN Sat 11-Mar-17 23:32:15

Agree with you OP, despite my calendar showing 2017, magazines are full of stupid articles about acting and dressing a certain way on first dates so as to hook the men we're so desperate to marry... hmm

ZacharyQuack Sat 11-Mar-17 23:33:46

Magazine beauty articles have two purposes:
1) Fill pages
2) Sell the products

They fill pages by recycling the same articles - date, Valentines Day, holidays, work, quick, eyeliner, bright lips etc
Magazines are paid to feature the brands that they do.

Don't take it seriously! Wear what makes YOU feel good, If the bloke doesn't like it, he's not the right bloke,

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