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Anyone use BalanceMe products? Any thoughts?

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Needastrongone Sat 11-Mar-17 14:49:34

Had a catalogue with a 20% off code and I like the look of their anti aging products?

Any RL experiences very gratefully received.


MissisBoote Sat 11-Mar-17 15:40:25

I really like balance me products.

On and off I use their face wash and facial oil. They do a really nice exfoliating mask too.

I'd probably use more of the skincare if I had the budget.

StilletoRose Sat 11-Mar-17 15:40:39

Liked their range a few years back, especially Hydrating Toner. They revamped it a year or so ago, and I think it's not so good now.

MissisBoote Sat 11-Mar-17 15:43:06

Just had a quick look online and they've repackaged themselves - the mask and oil are from their radiance line.

melissasummerfield Sat 11-Mar-17 15:48:21

I absolutely love the moisture rich rose moisturiser, although i havent had it for a while due to having to cut back a bit on spending 😩 I would recommend!

Needastrongone Sat 11-Mar-17 17:05:29

Oh thanks all. Sounds positive, if not cheap. I might see if they will send me a sample of the night cream, as it's ££££££ and if I don't like it, that's too much money wasted.

I appreciate your collective input. smile

Dulcimena Sat 11-Mar-17 17:21:52

I like the Pure face wash (non foaming) and the hand creams are excellent. The Moisture Rich face cream is great too. These may be pre-overhaul as per Stilleto's comments though?

MathsFiend Sat 11-Mar-17 17:52:02

I'll go against the grain.... had a few magazine freebies and didn't rate them at all. Reacted with my skin and left it red.

cazzyg Sat 11-Mar-17 20:36:29

I love the restore and replenish cleanser (used to be collagen boost). It's one of the few samples I've had that I went to buy the full size product.

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