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Best razors?!

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WaitingInAzkaban Fri 10-Mar-17 19:41:20

What's the best razor you've found?
Are lady shaves any good?

Motherwithflaws Fri 10-Mar-17 19:52:21

I buy whatever men's one is on offer. They're much better and usually cheaper than women's!

PuffinsSitOnMuffins Fri 10-Mar-17 20:06:27

I came on here to recommend using men's too!

Dulcimena Fri 10-Mar-17 20:07:36

Wilkinson Sword 3D (men's) is my current weapon of choice.

WaitingInAzkaban Fri 10-Mar-17 20:15:54

Looks like I need to try a men's razor!
I use Venus Swirl atm and it's good but the blades are so expensive I was wondering if there was anything better for the price

TheFlis12345 Fri 10-Mar-17 20:53:12

I've been using Gillette Simply Venus (the green ones) for years. Have tried various others occasionally but nothing has matched these, and they are actually pretty cheap £2 for 4, but frequently on offer).

lborgia Sat 11-Mar-17 06:46:51

I just watched the programme with two women who help couples spend less/notice they're spending £1000 on laundry powder. .?? They swapped this guys expensive blades for lidl.. and he thought they were amazing. Pretty sure it was lidl.

If anyone else had a less sieve-like brain, they may be able to tell you.

Anyway, my memory is that it was lidl and their razors were brilliant and very cheap.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 11-Mar-17 19:23:54

DH and DS like the Aldi ones (buy the handle+ 3 refills and the top up refills seperate)
They like the 3 Blade not the 5 Blade.

I bought DD the womens version too,, she likes them.

I don't use razors, I'm wax or epilate.

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