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chopstick styling wand?

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wellhonestly Thu 09-Mar-17 18:09:39

Anyone got any experience with a chopstick styling wand?

I have quite curly mid-length hair but often struggle to style it so usually pin it up. I was thinking if I could put in a "structured" curl it might look good...

How long does it take you to put in a full head of curls with the chopstick? Do you use it on dry hair? Tell me more (please!)

Zippyzulu Thu 09-Mar-17 18:24:01

It takes ages and creates a really tight spiral curl. I do it regularly for dd and it will stay in for several days (the only wand that doesn't this to her long thick hair!) you use it on dry hair and wind hair round them gold for 5-8 seconds.

try a curl secret, so much easier and quicker

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