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Like cons or vans but...

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building2017 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:15:27

Converse style trainers are nearly right for me but end up looking a bit too dainty on my feet. I think I need something that sort of goes out a bit round to toes or maybe just something chunkier. Just want them in grey so I can wear them with lots of things.

Clarks funny dream are a pretty much perfect shoe for me, as are other slightly asymmetric shoes and boots... but I just want some converse looking trainers now.grin

Any ideas? Not sure where to look or what brand would be a good place to start.

CwtchMawr Thu 09-Mar-17 13:17:21

What about addidas superstars? I love mine, they're a bit chunkier than cons.

StayGoldPonyBoy Thu 09-Mar-17 13:24:52

Supergas are the best shoes ever. I'm a 5.5 usually, I feel they run a bit large so if you're between sizes, get a size down. Super comfy, I'm on my feet 8+ hours a day as a hairdresser and they serve me well.

I've got quite narrow feet so get on ok with converse but I know what you mean about them looking too dainty!

KP86 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:25:46


JaneJeffer Thu 09-Mar-17 13:31:58

Rocketdog have rounded toes.

building2017 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:39:44

Oooh, Rocketdog Jazzin look good!

What are DCs? Are you asking about my kids? grin

building2017 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:44:31

I figured out DCs. Thanks everyone.

I kinda wanted to say skate shoes but I don't want to sound like I'm trying to be mutton dressed as lamb. It is about just the shape of my feet and body.

building2017 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:52:51

Right, I've ordered some stripy Jazzin. Thanks so much everyone!

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