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Hair undercut anyone?

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whataflop Wed 08-Mar-17 16:31:56

Hi guys, so just before Christmas I decided to get an under cut (the underneath of my hair above the neck shaved, had it shaved in line with top part of my ear going across) I'd been toying with the idea for a while and decided to go for it and now I'm debating whether to grow it out already confused the main issue being is I'm really not a confident person and hate to bring attention to my self so by wearing my hair up with quite an 'out there' hair cut I'd dread for any one to comment on it for good or for bad or even just ask questions about it. This has left me wearing my hair down a lot more, even though I wear it down a lot when the colour has recently been done, so basically missing the whole point of the hair style and hiding it all the time any way!

I keep telling myself to be brave and enjoy the hair cut because I wanted it and just go out there and show it off but I'm finding it's actually causing me a level of anxiety and I don't know what to do with it? Im even worrying about feeling stupid going to my hair dressers in a few weeks after having it done 4 months ago and saying I want to grow it out... so feel like I'm stuck between feeling stupid to the hair dresser (I know it's my choice and my hair and she won't judge me regardless but again feeling anxious about this) or carry on having it shaved hoping and trying to be more confident with it?

Just like to add that in the past I haven't had a great amount of confidence but I am finding myself at an all time low with it and finding that anxiety is adding to that As well. I'm late 20's with two young children so not sure if I just feel in a rut with everything adding on top of the lack of confidence.

Not sure what I want from this post really, mainly to get it off my chest and also to see if anyone else has had an undercut, how did you find it? Any advice??

I feel abit silly posting about a topic like this but seems to be getting me down?! It's at the stage aswell where it needs shaving as it's got a bit long so I need to decide if I want to keep going with it or start growing it outhmm

Thank you x

LexiPea Wed 08-Mar-17 16:44:46

Awww it sounds like its about more than the hair flowers you have lost your confidence a bit (since having the kids maybe?)

FWIW I bet it looks great! Show it off!! Do a high messy bun and wear it out and proud.

I have an undercut too except I am growing it out, for no other reason than I have a short attention span grin ....mine is a bit like Scarlett johanssen's. Shaved at both sides. And its bright cherry red. its awesome. I wouldn't post my pic publicly but if you want PM me and I will give you my Instagram name so you can go look.

I am 37 btw are only very young so please don't feel you are too old or any such ridiculousness

Robynmasters Wed 08-Mar-17 17:31:41

It's worth persevering, but, if you're self-conscious about it it'll show. Have you tried going out with it tied up when you won't see anyone you'll know? In another town, late nights at the supermarket etc? Very quickly it'll start to feel normal to you.

DancingHouse Wed 08-Mar-17 19:29:47

Don't worry about what the hairdresser will think. You're allowed to change your mind and the one thing you can change all the time is your hair. If you're not feeling confident with it you can grow it out, then if you feel like it you can shave it off again.

Personally I love them, I think they look beautiful and I love mine but I do understand about the attention thing. In my experience people make comment in admiration because to put it bluntly they don't have the balls to do it themselves.

Wear it with pride if you feel like it and cover it up if you don't.

Pottedplants Wed 08-Mar-17 20:23:02

I know two people with them and they are in same sex relationships. Probably a huge generalisation but I genuinely thought that was a code type thing. It really suits one of the girls I know. Her hair is graduated and it looks cool. The other wears her long hair in a ponytail and I don't like it at all. I think it looks a bit rough.

Becibec Wed 08-Mar-17 20:50:14

I'm 35, have 2 kids and an undercut. I actually got mine because i have very very thick hair and thought that is might reduce the volume. I work in finance and actually never wanted it to be on display, it was a pure laziness / money saving thing. Anyway, it did not work, my hair remains triangular and i'm now growing it out, or at least I think i am, it's about an inch long so really should have cut it by now.
I really hate my hair, doesn't seem to matter what I do, I don't think it looks good, so it lives in a constant state of transition.
Sorry - not sure if that helps at all! For what it's worth I think undercuts do look really cool and can be very feminine... right off to shave mine again grin

Vegansnake Wed 08-Mar-17 20:53:12

I had that done about 3 yrs hair grew back it's now all level,and it was amazing how quick it's really long now..I hated my cut as I feel it made me look like I had a fat neck at the back(I do)😰.so it had to go..

whataflop Wed 08-Mar-17 21:25:54

Thanks for all you replys and experience! Lexi I think you're right, it is down to more than just my hair. Have noticed my self feeling more and more anxious over small things over the last few months, I need to address it! How do you find it growing it out?
I wear my hair up for certain things like kids swimming lessons and gym classes but even then I find my self trying to stay at the back or at a certain angle so no one can see it fully again because I don't want the attention. I think I'm more annoyed with my self for getting in a tizz like this when I know deep down that I really like the style! I'm going to try wearing it up more like suggested and building up the confidence.
Becibec I feel the same, I've had my hair all sorts of different ways and find I'm never happy with it. I have thick hair too and find it a lot more manageable with an under cut, and takes half the time to wash, dry and straighten! How often do/did you guys have it re shaved??
I have a few holidays booked this year so I'm thinking that I either need to get it shaved and keep it up now untill September time as I won't want to have my hair up with the awkward re growth on holiday and too hot to wear my hair down or I start re growing it now to get a head start.. how long did it take for peoples to grow out? I will be deciding over the next few days so will keep you all posted wink thanks again!

cannaethink Wed 08-Mar-17 21:39:04

I have an undercut that sounds the same size as yours. I got it because I wanted an above shoulder blunt bob, all the same length with no layers or anything, so the undercut was kind of necessary as my hair is really thick!
I pretty much always wear it down though, and I always feel a bit self conscious if it's on display despite the fact I really like it! It makes my hair sit well so I'll keep it!
I trim mine myself about once a month. I use clippers and two mirrors so I can see, tie my hair up then use a hair band along the line, and put my finger along the line too so there's no danger of clipping off too much! It's a number 4 so not too short.

allthelaundrywecannotsee Thu 09-Mar-17 10:35:46

I have an undercut and love it, I loved the feeling of having short hair but prefer the look of long hair so an UC is perfect. I also love the time it saves and my hair falls better than without it.

Trimming it yourself sounds skilled cannaethink I'm not sure that I could pull that off or trust OH to do it either! Currently I trim it to a grade 3 and between cuts I get it done at the hairdressers, I go in for a wash and blow dry and they just charge a bit extra for to trim the UC.

On non confident days I find a nice big scarf helps as it covers most of it at the back and people don't really notice.

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