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Buying syringe refills for teeth whitening trays- recommend?

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PollyPerky Wed 08-Mar-17 09:52:56

I bought some online years ago and want to buy more (my dentist made the trays but their refills were really pricey.)It's 22% strength.
I've only found one online UK supplier Bleach Refills for £43 and the site doesn't have any address or phone number as contact details so I am a bit wary of using it. I think it's who I used before but can't remember.

Anyone got any ideas? Trawled Amazon and Ebay but nothing available that's identical.

MyHairNeedsASnip Wed 08-Mar-17 09:56:03

I think you can only buy the good stuff from the dentist. Nobody else is allowed to sell it over a certain strength AFAIK.

PollyPerky Wed 08-Mar-17 10:02:09

well the ones I ordered before were identical to what I'd had at the dentist - I kept the old syringes and they were the same. I'll ask the dentist.

Wellhellothere1 Wed 08-Mar-17 10:08:23

Mine are only £10 for each 2.4ml syringe at my dentist. They are Philips Zoom 22% carbamide peroxide. Maybe ask your dentist if they can order these in for you, or try another dentist?
I've actually started using the Crest whitening strips from the US, imported from an Irish company. I've found them to be much more comfortable and easy to use than the gel. My dentist gave them the thumbs up last week when I saw her. Think the American whitening strips are better and safer than the strips we can buy in the UK.

chatnanny Wed 08-Mar-17 10:09:19

I get the refills on Amazon, read the reviews to make sure you get safe ones and that they are peroxide free.

PollyPerky Wed 08-Mar-17 10:19:57

Interesting! Just found out that the law in UK has changed and no one can supply higher than 6%.

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