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Fly London

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twinklefoot Tue 07-Mar-17 17:16:00

I have just had these boots as a present. I am not a big fan of Fly London. What do you all think - frump on a stick or OK?

twinklefoot Tue 07-Mar-17 18:02:20


neveradullmoment99 Tue 07-Mar-17 18:42:27

They are very comfy
I have several pairs. I am not fussed for the ones you have been gifted though. I have their wedge boots [black] and a pair of patent mary jane shoes.

BusterGonad Tue 07-Mar-17 18:44:24

I'm not keen on them. A bit grumpy imo.

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 18:55:14

I wouldn't wear them with jeans but they might look OK with black opaques and a dress/tube skirt.

twinklefoot Tue 07-Mar-17 18:57:41

Thanks Eggs. I tried them on with jeans and you are right they look awful and I don't really wear skirts and dresses so I think they may have to go back. What shoe/ boot would you wear with jeans Egg?

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:07:25

It depends on what type of jeans you normally wear and if you want the boot over or under the jeans or have a gap like in the pic below? I'm a geek who puts my entire wardrobe on Pinterest so here are most of my boots that I wear with jeans depending on jean style grin Most are a few years old now though.

What kind of jeans do you mainly wear and what colour boots do you want?

(It won't let me load more than 3 images so will try over 2 posts)

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:08:18

More ..

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:10:10

As I said, most are a couple of years old now so might be a bit outdated but I still like them grin

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:11:01

Do you want flat ones or with a heel?

twinklefoot Tue 07-Mar-17 19:13:41

Thanks Egg. I do like a bit of a heel. Is block over wedge the way to go? I wear my jeans all ways.

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:17:02

I think with jeans a boot wedge heel will never look right so it would be a block heel all the way for me.

I think a wedge only works with jeans if it's on a summer sandal imo.

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 19:23:26

These wedge ones might look ok though if it's wedge you like (not with bootcut though imo)

BusterGonad Wed 08-Mar-17 03:34:17

I bought these recently in Dune, I love them!

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