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Does this dress look too "girlish"?

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PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 12:24:30

Because I'm pear shaped, straight fitted dresses do nothing for me.
Trouble is, fuller skirts - especially if they are above the knee - seem a little too "young" on me.

This is longer, beautifully detailed, but will I still look a bit Mutton in it?
I'm 5 ft 6, size 12 to 14, and not 20 years old anymore!
Goodish legs, and I look well proportioned as long as the chunky tops of thighs are hidden.

Honest opinion please!

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 12:25:46

The black stripes are crocheted lace not a print.

BeerMuggles Tue 07-Mar-17 12:27:08

No! not at all. I thought it was going to be pale pink with a peter pan collar!

it's lovely.

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 12:56:19

Lovely on a 40 year old?

EggsEleven Tue 07-Mar-17 13:15:13

I think it's the kind of dress where age is irrelevant as long as it fits properly and looks nice. It's black and white stripes not a black and white Mickey Mouse print. I think both a 20yr old and a 60yr old could carry it off so long as it was a flattering fit.

FriedPisces Tue 07-Mar-17 13:17:00

Oh yes, I love that! I'm 42 and would 100% wear that.

45DegreestoReality Tue 07-Mar-17 17:20:49

I think it's a great dress. Like a previous poster has said, it's not a childish print or twee style. Monochrome is classic too. Go for it!

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 17:59:47

This is really annoying.
The original designer website shows it as knee length but everywhere else (net a porter, House of Fraser) photos are much shorter.
Spoke to retail outlet who said that they often change things like length and the shorter length is likely to be what I get if I order it.
I don't think I can get away with it shorter

BlueFolly Tue 07-Mar-17 18:23:56

That would look fine on any age so long as the shape suits you

BusterGonad Tue 07-Mar-17 18:43:35

It's not what I would class as short. I like it.

lazytuesday Tue 07-Mar-17 18:46:27

thats a lovely dress and remember it will be longer on you than on the model who will usually be very tall and wearing a size 6/8

missyB1 Tue 07-Mar-17 18:46:55

well its a lovely dress, I'm 48 and would wear this. I see what you mean about the different lengths, any chance you could try it on anywhere?

AnyFucker Tue 07-Mar-17 18:50:53

That is very nice

WeeM Tue 07-Mar-17 18:55:36

I think it's lovely. I do like the look of the longer one better but bear in mind it that model is probably about 5'10" so it might not actually be too short!

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 19:48:44

The model in "shorter" photos is 5'9 so three inches taller than me, so maybe the dress will sit ? 2 inches closer to the knee. I've found a HOF with stock so will try it on later this week.

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 19:49:18

The really bad news is that it's over 200 quid...

PollyBanana Tue 07-Mar-17 19:51:05

AnyFucker has spoken.

60sname Tue 07-Mar-17 20:50:46

I do like it, but as a pear shape that wouldn't do anything for me as the 'step' from bodice to skirt is quite pronounced and that and the hoop pattern would add width over my hips

45DegreestoReality Tue 07-Mar-17 22:42:46

Well.. You lost me at 200 quid.
It's a nice dress, but not that nice!

blueshoes Wed 08-Mar-17 04:33:08

The longer skirt looks much more elegant and adds interest. I wouldn't buy the shorter one even though you are shorter than the model because the proportion is still wrong.

graciestocksfield Wed 08-Mar-17 04:36:44

I'm 5'7" and recently bought a dress which comes to my knees. Had a look for it on the website later and it was a couple of inches above the knee on the model.

PollyBanana Fri 10-Mar-17 08:09:42

Well I tried it on (albeit in a size too small) and it looked dreadful.
The skirt is quite full which would be fine if there was more weight and length to balance it.
Instead I looked like Gretel waiting for Hansel. A five year old in a party dress.
Shame- it looked lovely on the hanger.
(mind you the six other dresses I tried on at the same time all looked shit so I am the common demoninator!)

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Fri 10-Mar-17 08:28:28

I suspect it's the gathering that gives that effect. I can't wear anything that gathers round the middle but can wear a dropped yoke iyswim.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Fri 10-Mar-17 11:05:49

Yes, you're right, I think with full skirts you need length otherwise to avoid the 5 year old Birthday party look. It's a shame it wasn't as long as it was in the photo as it could've been lovely.

PollyBanana Fri 10-Mar-17 16:38:17

Still dress shopping...
Today I grabbed a dress purely because I loved the colour and print despite the fact that it was a shape I have always avoided.
V neck cross over wrap dress, jersey, very figure hugging.
I assumed that it would make the above 5 year old's party frock look good and I would look like a sack of spuds.

Bloody lovely!
Makes my big arse look peachy, and hips look womanly instead of hefty.
Print blurred all the edges and draped waist covered a multitude of sins and bulges
Still a bit lacking in the Boob department but nothing that a decent bra won't sort.

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