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Lots of milia/some blackheads. What cleanser/moisturiser can I use?

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JingleMum Mon 06-Mar-17 20:24:06


I have suffered for years with milia (hard, white lumps) on my jawbone & cheekbones. I also get some blackheads on my chin.

I do see a facialist & she removes the milia but they always come back. She told me to use coconut oil mixed with bicarb to take off make up but this still doesn't stop the milia coming back. In fact the more I read up on coconut oil, the more it looks like that could make the problem worse confused

I use no7 cleanser/toner & I use Nivea Q10 moisturiser. Could these be too heavy for my skin and in turn be causing the milia/blackheads?

Any recommendations for a new way to take make up off that will help me keep the milia at bay? Any moisturiser recommendations?

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