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Dry/blotchy skin (pregnancy related?)

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TheLionQueen Sun 05-Mar-17 19:41:50

This is a bit of a long shot but here is my situation!
I usually have pretty good skin but since falling pregnant it's gone to shit. It started with spots which have now gone but my face is really blotchy and dry.
The dry skin is in patches- mostly my cheeks next to my nose and forehead.
The blotches are all over really, just a really uneven complexion (looks a bit like beer flush!).
I rarely wear make up and always take it off.
The other bit complicating things is I'm on a pretty strict budget- my usual routine is a hot flannel/make up wipe and some nice soft!
Any ideas appreciated!

WholeL0ttaRosie Sun 05-Mar-17 20:37:28

Boots have a Garnier tissue mask currently on offer, 99p. Looks a bit weird but it's basically a mask with slits for your eyes and mouth, you leave it on for fifteen minutes and it's loaded with a serum/ moisturiser.
I tried one last night and kept it on for 10 minutes whilst I had a quick bath, face looked a little red in places afterwards but this morning it looked normal-but-better and feels really soft and plumped up.

PoohBearsHole Sun 05-Mar-17 20:58:40

I get some very dry patches and have used a great emollient from REN vita emollient. You can get it from lots of places at varying prices however it is fantastic to put on at night. Hope you find dlbeyhkng suitable - they do have it in m and a so could be worth going to try if smile

TheLionQueen Mon 06-Mar-17 08:47:08

Thanks Rosie that sounds like a good starting place!
I've just had a look at the cream Poohbear and it's similar price to the la roche posay cicaplast I see recommended on here lots. It's quite steep (for me) but I'm getting a bit desperate so I might have a look in boots when I go for the mask and see what's what!

PoohBearsHole Mon 06-Mar-17 10:32:36

It is essentially an emollient, so you may find something cheaper but similar in boots to give it a whirl. However try it if you get a chance, it has done some miracles for me - not immediately but it has smile

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