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Spots on face - what to use to dry them out?

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CatBean Sun 05-Mar-17 09:52:06


I had alot of acne when I was young which cleared up after using roaccutane. However spots are now coming back, with one new one a day. What could I use to dry them out? Should I go to see the GP? I'd prefer to buy something over the counter (even if at a pharmacy) as its a pain attempting to get an appointment here!

Thanks smile

LemonRedwood Sun 05-Mar-17 09:53:16

I zap mine with sudocrem. Slap it on, leave overnight, much better in the morning.

barcelo Sun 05-Mar-17 10:15:17

Benzoyl Peroxide

Maudlinmaud Sun 05-Mar-17 10:23:50

I use Eucerin dermo purifyer hydrating care moisturiser. Sorry it has such a long name smile I was prone to hormonal breakouts and don't get them since using this. I ran out last month and they came back, replaced it and gone. Magic for me. Worth a try?

irishlass1234 Sun 05-Mar-17 10:24:58

I've heard of putting toothpaste on, works for me!

bingohandjob Sun 05-Mar-17 10:31:00

I get a monthly period related break out - this is brilliant, nips them in the bud

Heratnumber7 Sun 05-Mar-17 10:34:16

Toothpaste over night

Elledouble Sun 05-Mar-17 10:36:12

This Witch hazel/tea tree gel is good - good for minor injuries like cuts, burns and insect bites too.

Botanicbaby Sun 05-Mar-17 10:49:02

Witch hazel is excellent. Don't try too many things at once though that may make them worse.

burnishedsilver Sun 05-Mar-17 10:53:28

Benzoyl Peroxide.

BikeRunSki Sun 05-Mar-17 10:54:57

Toothpaste, Sudocreme

stonecircle Sun 05-Mar-17 10:59:38

Cat bean - as a life long spot sufferer, I'm always drawn to these threads. The trouble is, a spot to one person might be a large, hard, painful, pustular lump which will be with you for weeks. To others it's a small pimple which will be gone in a couple of days.

I doubt very much that a dab of Sudocrem or witch hazel will make much difference to the former!

I ended up having 3 courses of Roaccutane during my 20s and 30s. Now in my 50s and still getting a few spots. Decades of trying have taught me that there are no particularly effective over the counter remedies. If your skin is bothering you, and they're not just pimples that a dab of tcp would dry up, I would go back to your GP.

MeganChips Sun 05-Mar-17 11:01:07

Definitely Benzoyl Peroxide, it really works.

In my late thirties I suddenly got a bad bout of acne and this pretty much saved my skin. It's been difficult to get hold of for a few years but Boots now do one called Acnecide over the counter.

ohidoliketobe Sun 05-Mar-17 11:02:08

Sudocrem or toothpaste with high fluoride content sort mine out

Wolpertinger Sun 05-Mar-17 11:42:51

Benzoyl peroxide or a proper BHA product - Paula's Choice 2% is the Queen of BHA.

For a product to dry out individual spots Vichy Hyaluspot is fantastic but what you really want is a daily product like the BHA to stop them appearing in the first place.

Poppins2016 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:07:06

I'm in a similar situation and took a course of roaccutane in my early twenties. I don't feel my skin is bad enough to warrant another referral/course of roaccutane now, however I don't have 100% clear skin, especially depending where I'm at with my monthly cycle.

I use Savlon on the affected areas at the first sign of a flare up. I really notice the difference those months I don't use it.

Gah81 Sun 05-Mar-17 19:34:28

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - be careful though to apply it only to the spot itself, can really dry out the surrounding areas but works a treat smile

Dulcimena Sun 05-Mar-17 19:37:13

Hibiscrub and a blister plaster to drain them overnight if they've been opened picked

hazeyjane Sun 05-Mar-17 19:41:57

As a pp said, it depends what sort of spots.

I get large, painful, deep spots that last for weeks. The only thing that has ever made any difference are courses of one a day antibiotics. But these only work for a while and then they return.

Beautifullymixed Sun 05-Mar-17 21:52:14

The ordinary azelaic acid.
Seems to calm down redness and spots overnight.
Stings like anything at first though, so I used it over serums/moisturisers, as the very last step.

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