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Neck Cream

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BeccyButterfly Sat 04-Mar-17 21:55:29

Can anyone recommend a neck cream pls. Am in my mid 30s and just started to notice it's not as smooth as it was!

58NotBothered Sat 04-Mar-17 22:53:46

Exfoliate and use something from Clarins? The one in the red tube.
I am really 58 and have been doing this for years. Neck pretty unwrinkled.

leadrightfoot Sun 05-Mar-17 07:03:47

A. I. Physiogel lotion

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 05-Mar-17 07:51:34

Apply sunblock every single day.

PollyPerky Sun 05-Mar-17 07:54:24

Sunblock spf 25 or higher every single day of the year. My face is unlined but my neck is like a turkeys and I wish I'd looked after it like I had my face.
Also don't get overweight because fat necks get that awful double chin effect which just hangs as loose skin if the weight is then lost.

Expensive neck creams don't work. If they did no one would have wrinkly necks.

Diamonddealeroncemore Sun 05-Mar-17 07:58:30

Definitely sun block. For various reasons I've never had a lying in the sun sort of holiday so my neck and chest have only had minimal exposure to the sun. I'm 56 but have virtually no neck wrinkles and none at all on my chest and I'm sure it's because I've not had sun on it. Now I use factor 50 on face and neck all the time. And when I moisturise I use whatever face cream I'm using (Lacura caviar at the mo) over my neck and chest as well.

BeccyButterfly Sun 05-Mar-17 09:19:03

Thank you everyone! Looks like sunblock is the way forward for me.

Ifonlyiweretaller Sun 05-Mar-17 15:36:59

Diamonddealer - do you mind me asking which brand of sun protection you are using? Your skin sounds similar to mine and I have been relying on the SPF that is in my foundation, but think i need to go for a total sun block.

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