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Concealer over freckles- advice needed please

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HairsprayQueen Sat 04-Mar-17 21:12:32

I'm trying to sort my face out at the moment and wearing less/no foundation as I was struggling not to look caked and overly made up, even with a bb cream my face just felt clogged.

However while I'm trying to give my skin some space, it still has some blemishes that could do with a bit of covering, but I'm finding that when I add concealer without the layer of foundation it's looking weird up against my freckles if that makes sense.

My freckles are almost like a second layer of colour all over rather than a cute spattering but I obviously don't want to colour match to them as they are quite orange/brown which would be too dark against the rest of my face if I used that colour but equally the lightness of my usual concealer isn't right alone either and emphasises like a spotlight rather than hides.

Has anyone had this and has anyone got any ideas?

BusterGonad Sun 05-Mar-17 16:05:49

I'm a fellow freckled MNetter, I've got tbh I don't really have this problem as I'm not very blemish prone but if I did I think I'd try a slightly darker concealer for blemishes on freckly areas and your usual shade under your eyes etc.

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