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Black or Grey Lace Up or Slip-on Comfy Pumps

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PolaDeVeboise Sat 04-Mar-17 09:35:44

Do any of you ladies have any recommendations? Not a fan of Converse as they are a bit 'obvious'. <hard to please>

Liiinoo Sat 04-Mar-17 11:32:04

I love Skechers. So comfortable.

PolaDeVeboise Sat 04-Mar-17 14:48:18

Thanks Liiinoo

MaQueen Sat 04-Mar-17 14:50:16

How about Superga? I'm very tempted by a sliver pair.

QueenofLouisiana Sat 04-Mar-17 18:24:39

Superga are very comfy. I just binned my old silver pair after about 2 years of good wear- they were a S&B recommendation. I bought navy ones as replacements but may get another silver pair too.

Talisin Sat 04-Mar-17 20:08:21

These from Next? Really comfortable, look good and go with virtually everything.

PolaDeVeboise Sun 05-Mar-17 10:10:17

Thanks Talisin, but not sure about the velvet... Like the look of the Superga Maqueen.

bingohandjob Sun 05-Mar-17 10:34:07

I've got these (got mine half price on Cloggs) and they are so comfy

I love Superga too and have lots in different colours.

PolaDeVeboise Sun 05-Mar-17 10:45:13

Those are gorgeous Bingo, but a bit too ££££.

Anyhoo, I have just ordered a pair of Van Lo Pro for the bargain price of £32 with 6% cashback. Huzzah!

Thanks for your help ladies.

bingohandjob Sun 05-Mar-17 11:28:00 extra 20% off with code SAVE20

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