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Zara ! Really!

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Millipedewithherfeetup Fri 03-Mar-17 21:56:23

AFierceBadRabbit Fri 03-Mar-17 22:02:04

it's.....not for me, but I still love zara jackets in generalsmile

Pestilentialone Fri 03-Mar-17 22:02:27

Deconstruct reconstruct. They must have a new graduate designer who set to work on their grandads blazer.
Not a good look.

MrsNuckyThompson Fri 03-Mar-17 22:02:48

It might look ok with a slightly less ridiculous dress/pose!

bionicant Fri 03-Mar-17 22:04:42

i really wanted to buy this today but wondered what i would do with all that length! the new collection is a bit odd imo

Millipedewithherfeetup Fri 03-Mar-17 22:11:58

I know zara can be a 'bit out there' but that really is truly hideous.

HairsprayQueen Fri 03-Mar-17 22:26:32

Have jeans but want a skirt? Just unpick the middle!

AFierceBadRabbit Fri 03-Mar-17 22:28:08

checked the new in at mango this evening, wondered how much of it would actually work at all well in 'real' life.
Everything seems to be influenced somewhat by maryam nassir zadeh (those glove shoes, orange mules, etc) at the moment. I kind of like the aesthetic but it doesn't translate so well to a UK climate, sadly.

AFierceBadRabbit Fri 03-Mar-17 22:32:15

Although I really love this image of her (she's stunning) - I could create a similar outfit fairly easily thanks to zara!

Millipedewithherfeetup Sat 04-Mar-17 09:31:09

The skirt jeans grin

MintToBe Sat 04-Mar-17 10:08:53

Speechless at the mess skirt 😯

MaQueen Sat 04-Mar-17 10:25:55

Have to say the Zara site is vile. Nothing looks any good, and the models look positively suicidal.

EggsEleven Sat 04-Mar-17 10:43:23

I don't understand that jacket - are the arms stuck to the side or is it the way the model is standing?

Laiste Sat 04-Mar-17 11:30:45

That jeans skirt thing! shock £46 to look as if you've got rats in your wardrobe!

Laiste Sat 04-Mar-17 11:31:19

Can someone do a clicky link for the jacket please?

Pestilentialone Sat 04-Mar-17 11:51:21

jacket clicky version

NapQueen Sat 04-Mar-17 11:52:31

It looks like someone just hung a cardboard cut out of a jacket in front of her. Like those little photo booth props!

olddogsnewtricks Sat 04-Mar-17 12:06:48

The jeans skirt thing is awful but I quite like the top!

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