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Help me pack for a special weekend

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dementiawidow Fri 03-Mar-17 18:32:20

I'm in the scary and exciting situation of tentatively being involved with someone lovely, after living through the hell of my DH having early onset dementia and then being widowed at a young(ish) age. NewPants helped me with a red dress thread, and what can I say... it worked VERY well! So now, we are going away together for a few days! Part work part fun. I need to know what to wear and take!
I'm travel a lot and know how to pack - but this is sending me into a total spin. So here's the agenda... please help me! Northern France in 2 weeks time, the weather will be about the same as here (rubbish). Travelling by car and ferry, but staying in an incredible chateau. At least one Michelin-starred lunch, and some serious work- based socialising with the chateau owner (rich but relaxed), a bit of touristing around, and some nice private time. Four days/three nights. I am a slim size 8 and 5'6.

Chocolateteabag Fri 03-Mar-17 19:53:31

OK - I'll have a bash:

Well fitting Blazer/Jacket that can go with Trousers/Dress
Scarf/shawl/pashmina (but worn as a big scarf)
Straight/slim leg cotton trousers with elastane to keep shape (not M&S as they will go baggy - try Boden?)
Driving loafer type shoe (Moda in Pelle do some lovely ones)
NO SOCKS (yep bear the cold)
1-2 Shirts to wear with trousers - white fitted
V neck fine wool jumper
Dress - something with sleeves maybe a wrap dress? Pure Collection have a gorgeous one in their sale in a Beigey colour
Something wedgey to wear with the dress that you can then also wear with trousers - LK Bennett sandals?

So that basically sounds like a Kate Middleton type wardrobe - v Crew Clothing preppy - but it would all work in France for what you describe

Colours - depends what suits you but Navy/White/Red?

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 03-Mar-17 20:24:48

What's your usual style, OP? For a similar length of trip I'd be looking at things like:

Blue straight leg jeans
Black leather skirt - can look fancy, but works with opaques and trainers too
Black slim leg dungarees
Black skinny jeans - again, can be smartish
Two or three nice blouses, printed or plain
Three or four crew neck jumpers
Black leather biker jacket - obviously not with the leather skirt, but since you're going by car you could take another one too
Black Stan Smiths, black Chelsea boots, silver Nikes

Totally different to the PP, but would all work together to make different outfits.

Have a lovely time away, it sounds amazing!

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