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What to wear on my face on holiday?

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MaQueen Fri 03-Mar-17 17:42:01

We're off to Madeira this Summer, and I'm looking for the Holy Grail basically.

I don't want my usual foundation as it's too heavy, and I'm likely to sweat it off. I want something lighter, more sheer, that won't sweat off easily, that looks natural and matte, and that has sunscreen.

Any recommendations?

HellYeh Fri 03-Mar-17 18:00:12

BB cream or CC cream. I prefer BB, don't think I've found a CC cream that suits my skin.

I like the Rimmel one

Semaphorically Fri 03-Mar-17 18:06:59

If you're going somewhere sunny in summer you will need proper sunscreen. If you put enough of a foundation/cc/bb cream on to have decent sun protection it will look completely caked on.

This is good if you don't need much coverage, it's slightly tinted: sunsense
Or this is matte then you can put a lightweight bb or cc cream over it: neutrogena

ElspethFlashman Fri 03-Mar-17 18:09:46

There are 3 tinted sunscreens that I've tried.

La Roche Posay, Vichy and Bioderma. The Vichy one is the lightest but the LRP is probably the most matte.

ElspethFlashman Fri 03-Mar-17 18:10:22

Lightest = palest that is to say.

I use Nivea BB cream when I'm abroad. I have terrible skin so need concealer but the coverage is better than other BBs I've tried but still much lighter than foundation. Very jealous of you going to Madeira - live it there and have been considering it for October.

Ikeameatballs Fri 03-Mar-17 18:15:01

I'm currently using the LRP by cream with SPF 50 and think it's great in terms of a make-up product.
I get a lot of pigmentation on my face over the summer so hoping that starting this now might reduce the issue this year. Will have to wait and see for that though.

MorelloKisses Fri 03-Mar-17 18:28:47

P20 in factor 50 left to dry properly, then you can put make up over the top.

I like Maybelline Dream Pure BB, it is a bit more coverage than, for example, their Dream Fresh BB and a bit more matte.

Mumzypopz Fri 03-Mar-17 18:41:21

How about no makeup at all and any old sunscreen. Works for me.

user1469651353 Fri 03-Mar-17 18:47:04

Boots Soltan BB cream is great

HeyMicky Fri 03-Mar-17 18:49:22

Jouer matte moisture tint. Good coverage, nice and matte, and SPF

plimsolls Fri 03-Mar-17 18:57:52

I've just bought Nars tinted moisturiser which has SPF 30. It's really lovely but is more of a make-up item than sunscreen so you might want extra sun protection too.

Iamastonished Fri 03-Mar-17 19:00:05

I agree with Mumzypopz. Why do you feel the need to wear foundation? No-one will be looking at you. No-one cares what you look like, and you won't see anyone you see on holiday again.

Seriously, I simply don't understand why anyone wants to cover their face and clog their pores with makeup on holiday.

A bit of fake tan for colour and some sunscreen is surely enough?

emmeline7725 Fri 03-Mar-17 19:04:01

Last year I used simple moisturiser and clinique cc cream. Both are spf15 I think.

MaQueen Fri 03-Mar-17 19:30:15

That's rather a bleak, censorious post Iamastonished hmm

Like I said, I don't want to wear foundation, and want something skin flattering but with sunscreen.

It's not like I'm advocating kicking puppies, is it...

MaQueen Fri 03-Mar-17 19:31:57

I like the sound of the Clinique CC cream. My skin is quite sensitive, so have to be careful with sunscreens etc.

Does it come in different shades? I used to love their Sheer Tint in Blonde, but then they went and changed the shades [bastards]

emmeline7725 Fri 03-Mar-17 19:43:58

Yes clinique cc cream does come in different shades. Quite a few if I remember correctly. I didn't find it at all heavy and I was worried about burning but it seemed to provide enough protection for me (and I'm fairly pale)

Iamastonished Fri 03-Mar-17 19:48:32

Sorry about that, but I don't like wearing foundation in hot weather so I was just giving my point of view. Fake tan and sunscreen does for me.

But no one is recommending foundation, and the op has said she doesn't want foundation. I'll need a moisturiser with a decent SPF anyway so why not make it a bb cream and have enough coverage to make me feel happier in my scarred skin?

specialsubject Fri 03-Mar-17 19:55:51

No one suggests kicking puppies. But at that latitude in high UV season some real sunscreen would be an idea to reduce the future wrinkles and chance of cancer.

Smelly stuff in weeny pots doesn't cut it. Big hat too.

HoneyDragon Fri 03-Mar-17 19:57:45

I use the spf50 matte facial cream by soltsn as a primer and then whatever the fuck I fancy on top.

That way I'm adaqutely protected and don't spend my holiday looking like a greasy shrimp.

Thanks to the Bare Mineral test I'm definitely in favour of the new gel foundations to go on holiday lovely natural dewy coverage and spf 30.

I'm putting that in my carry on on the plane as I'm going long haul shortly so can use it to freshen up before landing.

Failing that if you're on a lower budget and have time to order them the Holika Holika bb creams are hands down brilliant for coverage. Bounce is the better one for more mature skins.

HoneyDragon Fri 03-Mar-17 19:59:22

Totally agree with Special. You need a proper SPF/UVA/UVB or it's handbag face time wink

missjoanie Fri 03-Mar-17 20:05:53

I'm off to Oz in a few weeks and will be purchasing Biore Watery Essence before I go as I've heard great things about it. I've just discovered Hourglass Ambient primer and am a total convert, so will be wearing that on top.

MaQueen Fri 03-Mar-17 20:15:45

I have never put my face in the sun, unprotected, and always wear a fairly high factor sunscreen on my face when on holiday. But this time I wanted something that combined the two - so tiny bit of coverage with good sunscreen.

Absolutely cannot stand to be able to feel it on my skin though, or for it to look greasy in anyway. Ick.

Must say the NeutrogenaUltra Sheer Dry is looking favourable.

FishChipsAndBeans Fri 03-Mar-17 20:26:22

I wear Neutrogena ultra sheer SPF 70 for the face, with a little dab of Estee Lauder Double Wear on top. I've used that combo in Florida and in the Maldives without feeling greasy/sticky and without it sweating off.

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