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Sarenza - never used them so would like opinions please!

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Zeropiddledwhilehomeburned Thu 02-Mar-17 14:39:49

There are some Clark's sandals that I really want but they aren't available in the colour or size I want on their website. However, Sarenza have them in stock.

Since I've never used Sarenza I'd be interested in opinions of people who have actually used them. Good or bad, please let me know! Thank you!

Gildedcage Thu 02-Mar-17 15:25:48

I've used them once. They were very good. I would certainly use them again.

ChortledTheLion Thu 02-Mar-17 17:00:33

They are good. They have a really generous returns period.

Euphemia Thu 02-Mar-17 17:37:11

I've bought a few things from them with no problems.

PuraVida Thu 02-Mar-17 17:42:43

I've used them lots without any issues

cannaethink Thu 02-Mar-17 17:47:44

I've found them good. Some boots took ages to arrive one time due to them relocating, so they refunded 20% and gave me two discounts for future purchases.

GrumpyOldBag Thu 02-Mar-17 17:54:26

I have used them with no issues.

Picklesandpies Thu 02-Mar-17 18:15:17

I have used them several times. Fast delivery and easy returns.

Zeropiddledwhilehomeburned Thu 02-Mar-17 22:16:51

Thanks all! I have taken the plunge and ordered!

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