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What do you think of this? (Reversible coat)

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KoalaDownUnder Thu 02-Mar-17 05:40:59

Yea or nay?

Wool / polyester blend (don't know percentages) cocoon coat. Is it nice?

Bluntness100 Thu 02-Mar-17 05:49:29

It's ok. My concern would be the shape, no defined waist so these styles can make you look much larger than you are.

DayDreamsOfMaria Thu 02-Mar-17 06:27:56

I like it

KoalaDownUnder Thu 02-Mar-17 07:08:27

I've already got a couple of more 'fitted' coats, and agree that they're more slimming /flattering on most people. But I also think they're starting to look dated (and the colours aren't quite right either; black and pale blue. Grey seems more modern).

aintnobodygottimefodat Thu 02-Mar-17 07:09:33

I also like it

DurhamDurham Thu 02-Mar-17 07:09:38

I think it's really nice, I would definitely wear it.

burnishedsilver Thu 02-Mar-17 08:12:19

I like it.
It wouldnt be very warm. I have a coat in a similar unlined fabric and the wind goes straight through it.

KoalaDownUnder Thu 02-Mar-17 08:15:35

burnished I'm in Western Australia, so it wouldn't need to be very warm smile. In fact, that's part of the problem with my other 2 long coats - purchased in the U.K. and just too thick.

PotOfYoghurt Thu 02-Mar-17 08:16:00

I like it.

The shoes are horrendous though.

KoalaDownUnder Thu 02-Mar-17 14:24:59

No idea what's up with the shoes - they are beyond horrendous!

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