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So...this new-fangled face stuff? Please can you advise?

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TheWeddingCandelabra Wed 01-Mar-17 22:15:40

I'm planning to have Botox soon but I keep catching sight of myself in the mirror and I look knackered.

I need a new skincare regime so -
- cleanser
- toner
- day moisturiser
- night moisturiser

DD says I need a serum.

As well as looking knackered I also have mild rosacea which can become vicious if I put certain things on it i.e. anything overly perfumed tends to set it off, as does anything with an SPF in it. So SPF is out.

My skin is combination, dry on my cheeks but with an oily T-zone.

DD has suggested this or something like it
serum I don't mind spending £85 on a product that works but it's a hideous waste for something that agitates the rosacea.

I also don't mind cheap products but I've tried lots of them and it hasn't gone well ie the Aldi cream lots of people swear by makes my face burn.

I'm lost. What should I use?

humanfemale Wed 01-Mar-17 22:56:31

Wait till you've had the Botox before investing £££ in cream. You might find you no longer "need" it?

Have you tried mineral spf? John Masters is good. I'd spend the cash trying to find an SPF that will work if at all possible, as sun is the very worst skin ager for me.

bleughhh Wed 01-Mar-17 23:13:38

Yup - keep skincare v simple if you have rosacea.... And I'm pretty sure UV light is thought to exacerbate it so it is worth trying to an spf 50 to go under make-up that works with sensitive skin. (And, agree it is the most effective anti-ageing product!). Have a google of Dr Sam Bunting's YouTube video (or it might be a blog post?) on rosacea. And then anti-ageing one. For a serum, you want 'active' ingredients.

Botox should make a big difference though! Good luck!

bleughhh Wed 01-Mar-17 23:14:49

Try la Roche Posay sunscreen lotion maybe? I like Jan Marini but no rosacea (and it's expensive...)

TheWeddingCandelabra Thu 02-Mar-17 10:52:12

Last year I went on 2 holidays to hot places and despite using sun lotion the sun cleared my rosacea up a treat. So I don't think it's photosensitive but it is definitely exacerbated by SPF.

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