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Clueless about dressing for hot weather! Cool, comfortable and stylish?

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Roanoke Wed 01-Mar-17 16:50:37

Childhood? Cheap tees and shorts. Teens? Only travelled abroad a couple of times and the photos are, from a fashion perspective, pretty ghastly - cheap vests, cheap shorts, ill-fitting things that 'don't matter' because it's the only two weeks of sun I'll see.

Adulthood? Not been abroad. I live in a cold, rainy place all year round. "Summer" means not wearing a coat and swapping fur-lined boots for trainers/flats. I bought my first sandals last year and it still felt a bit frosty. Basically I am clueless about all aspects of summer and hot weather dressing, because I haven't had to do any since it was 1995 and I wore shortie dungarees.

I feel pretty stylish and fine about my usual day-to-day clothes, but I'm heading to Rome this summer and I neither want to sweat to death in skinny/slim jeans/trousers, nor am I going back to the dark days of grim cargo shorts or linen trousers, which I've never managed to make look right at all. I'm short (5 foot 1) which makes skirts a bit tricky to buy (length-wise), but I do have a couple. It's really trouser-type stuff I'm trying to figure out.

Palazzo? Not sure they already went out of style last year, and I'm possibly too short to be doing wide-leg.
Chino? Admittedly never worn any, are they cool/breathable enough?

Right, now shoes. I have my Merrell sandals, they seem to tick comfort and style so that's that. Ballet flats? Never actually worn any as they seem to lack support. OK for short distances? Espadrilles... celebs seem to look OK in Toms, I don't really like them but what do I know, are they worth a shot? Conversey-plimsoll type stuff - too casual for Italy?

All help and tips welcome! smile

DakotaFanny Wed 01-Mar-17 19:42:04

I came on to S & B to ask more or less the same thing. I am also going to Italy this summer and have no idea how to dress my 40 year old, imperfect body, in a way that flatters and keeps me cool! Help!

Fuzzypeggy Wed 01-Mar-17 19:48:54

I think dresses are the easiest and potentially most stylish option for hot weather. I have some nice cotton ones which I think look good in the summer

perfectlybroken Wed 01-Mar-17 19:48:58

Nice cotton maxi dress?
If you like skinny jeans is there a summer equivalent in thin fabric? Or those ones that show a bit of ankle?

perfectlybroken Wed 01-Mar-17 19:49:36

Birkenstock sandals?

misscph1973 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:03:03

Loose linen shirts, skirts trousers, very cooling to wear. Just make sure there is an iron where you are staying ;) Often on sale in M&S as many people are afraid to wear linen due to the crease risk - never worried me, that's why the fit is loose, so that it doesn't crease too much. But absolutely my favourite for summer.

I usually avoid strappy tops, as I don't want burned shoulders.

I see no reason to not wear your Merrell sandals?

MooMinCow Wed 01-Mar-17 20:44:32

I would go for some woven viscose or cotton jogger/harem type trousers (avoid anything garishly patterned), with a semi fitted vest to keep cool and a sheer shirt on top to cover up (from sun and if going into churches etc)

You could go for plimsoles/comfy sandals in the day (you'll be walking loads so flip flops no good), then maybe a metallic pair (dressier) to wear in the evenings?

I wouldn't bother with any pairs of jeans as it will be too hot and you won't want to wear anything clingy or synthetic at all.

A couple of nice cotton/linen shift or sundresses for evenings would be worth taking too. I've found some nice ones in Sainsbury's previously!

ElzBelz Wed 01-Mar-17 23:44:15

I love my GAP girlfriend chinos they come in petite and are comfy and the ankle showing seems summery. I like the look with the flat trainers but they'd also go with sandals

misscph1973 Thu 02-Mar-17 09:43:26

Elzbelz, the GAP girlfriend chinos look really nice! I have a pair of White Stuff chinos that I was very exited about, but unfortunately they started to fade in the wash more or less immediately and they get saggy bum after only one day sad

Roanoke Fri 03-Mar-17 08:02:04

I'll check out those chinos, thanks Elz.

I am gonna wear them, misscph, I just fancied something else too. Variety.

I never iron :D Not going to start. I thought linen trousers were a MN total no-no ;) I found many threads of this divisive debate.

I like the idea of maxi dresses but I find at my height they swamp me.

danTDM Fri 03-Mar-17 08:09:39

Rome in the summer is sweltering, birds falling out of the sky with heat exhaustion. I've never known anything like the heat in Rome in summer. (I lived there) Trousers of any type would be a big no no. Go for cool dresses and flip flops!

PNGirl Fri 03-Mar-17 08:14:42

Do bear in mind that in Rome they like you to be relatively covered (shoulders etc) if going into anywhere religious e.g. St Peter's Basilica.

I normally go for loose cotton trousers, palazzo style in black and white pattern (Matalan and supermarkets always have some), flat supportive sandals, a vest and a shirt or cardi in your bag. I also wore Converse and they were fine.

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