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I tried Erborian CC Creme - it's not for pink, celtic skin

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TimTamTerrier Wed 01-Mar-17 12:27:34

It was featured on one of the MN Recommends emails and it contains a sunscreen so I thought I'd give it a go, despite not ever having any success with BB cremes. I faltered a little when I saw it was from Korea because I have no yellow undertone at all, my skin is very pink/red undertones, so anything tinted from the Far East usually doesn't suit me. It went on very orange, and, though the orange faded a bit within 10 mins or so, it was still too dark and orange for me. Fortunately I only bought a trial size.

I also impulse bought a trial size of Erborian Pink Perfect, which is very nice and slightly glowy on my skin. It doesn't have any sunscreen though so not that useful for me.

Lottapianos Wed 01-Mar-17 12:32:11

I agree. A friend wore it one day - she's blonde and has fair skin and blue eyes. She looked very orange indeed, and looks loads better in her regular foundation

Is this usually the case with Korean skin products?

HairsprayQueen Wed 01-Mar-17 12:44:11

Yes super orange, I had such high hopes as it was so hyped but not for me. Luckily I got it in a beauty box rather than paying out separately to be disappointed.

Aquasport Wed 01-Mar-17 14:06:04

I'm glad I have seen this as was going to buy!

notnowfrank Wed 01-Mar-17 15:18:32

Me too. How disappointing. I found some of those Dr Jart BB creams went a very weird colour on my pink Celtic skin. Like... death mask grey.

TimTamTerrier Wed 01-Mar-17 18:47:00

I take it back about the Pink Perfect, it has stopped being glowy and turned flakey, and it has made my skin a bit sore too (although my skin reacts badly to about 90% of things that I try on it, and this is just a bit sore not a rash or big itchy hives). It would probably be quite good on oily skin though.

Every tinted or skin-tone Korean or Japanese thing that I've tried has been yellow-toned lottapianos, which makes sense as I think red-toned skin must be pretty rare there. Things that aren't tinted have usually been pretty good though as they generally suit pale, sensitive skin that needs a good sunscreen.

Fishfingersandwich9 Wed 01-Mar-17 18:50:51

I think there are two versions of the Eborian Cc creme, I had a small sample of the 'clair' version which was perfect for my pale skin but when I forked out for the full size I got the normal version which is so orange! There is only a very tiny 'clair' on the packet so very easy to miss it!

FrustratedFrugal Wed 01-Mar-17 19:40:25

Orangey tones is not usual for Korean stuff. Different cultural norms.. I think Erborian is fake Asian, French made. And that might explain why it is orange wink

Does Donald Trump wear Erborian

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