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Boden's latest catalogue

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PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 12:39:58

Arrived today and yet again a disappointment. Apart from the usual smart casual trousers (which I sometimes buy) it's all badly cut dresses, horrible fabrics and over priced T shirts.

I've not bought one thing this season and hardly anything except a cardigan for years.

It seems to have really gone downhill.

LindyHemming Mon 27-Feb-17 13:01:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 13:09:11

Oh! Just looked online and it looks like C&A suddenly! Or BHS! shock

JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 13:09:45


JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 13:10:31


JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 13:13:54

I wonder what they've changed? Creative director or something?

bojorojo Mon 27-Feb-17 13:14:36

They are very rooted in the past. Their prices for the quality of fabrics is outrageous. Even the cashmere is overpriced! Buy in the sale. There is no option. I do quite like their long sleeved T shirts. I have a pullover on order with a 20% discount - a sure sign they are overpriced!

MrsDustyBusty Mon 27-Feb-17 13:14:36

Not even good on the model and to judge by the reviews, most of the customers are like me - short, fat and old.

Maryberryjam Mon 27-Feb-17 13:15:17

So expensive !

JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 13:18:18

I'm literally agog at how different it all seems to the way it all looked about 3 years I imagining it?

EggsEleven Mon 27-Feb-17 13:21:01

The price vs quality is starting to get ridiculous

PuntCuffin Mon 27-Feb-17 13:22:45

Not bought from Boden in a long time. I had a dress that I loved so bought again in another colour the following season and the quality had been changed in the mean time, and it no longer fitted right either. Everything I have ordered since has been badly fitting and poor quality even at sale prices. Have given up even looking any more.

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 13:23:09

Unless you are happy to live in Richmond trews, a Raveno top and a cardi, there is nothing imo (oh, and a few T shirts when they are in the sale.)

When they DO get it right with a nice shift dress or something in a range of colours that aren't garish and weird patterns, they fly off the shelves, so surely they must KNOW what their demography likes?

gonegrey56 Mon 27-Feb-17 13:23:38

2 catalogues arrived at my house today, one for me (offering 15% discount), one for my dd (offering 20% discount). I am the one who buys the occasional item, so why the disparity?

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 13:24:50

They give bigger discounts to peeps who rarely buy- to tempt them. Classic marketing ploy- don't discount loyal customers.

EggsEleven Mon 27-Feb-17 13:25:02

Some of their shoes can be quite nice but far too much £££ for what they are.

Ohyesiam Mon 27-Feb-17 13:25:41

The only thing I liked was the linen tunic. Don't like the price though.

MrsDustyBusty Mon 27-Feb-17 13:25:53

I've actually been considering (too lazy to shift myself to do it) emailing customer support to see whether they'd consider actually listing the colours in the clothes to make them easier to match. They sometimes have odd names for a pattern that gives no hint as to the colours in it.

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 13:28:09

It's the repetition of patterns that gets me. They have this blue-green small spotty fabric / pattern that is a dress, a skirt, a top, a swimsuit, a pair of trousers. FFS!

Bloggybollocks Mon 27-Feb-17 13:34:37

That Ellie dress is truly hideous!

EggsEleven Mon 27-Feb-17 13:35:03

I agree re the pattern. One of the reviews on this navy blazer sums it up perfectly. That boden has to ruin a perfectly nice blazer with a silly pattern under the collar and with the lining.

Plus the yellow one is scary -£120 to look like a cast member of Hi De Hi.

BellonaBelladonna Mon 27-Feb-17 13:42:38

120 of your English pounds for that jacket is ridiculous!

I like the Richmond trousers, bretons and plain knitwear. But the rest is awful.

Floisme Mon 27-Feb-17 13:59:13

I've been looking at the wide cropped chinos but they look flared rather than slouchy and mannish.

The Tilly relaxed jumper is another 'nearly' but I don't like any of the colours. That's bad news as it's normally the colours that keep me hanging in with Boden.

Mrs9C Mon 27-Feb-17 15:33:35

What does anyone think of this coat? Never would I pay full price for it, that's for sure!

Madbengalmum Mon 27-Feb-17 15:37:10

God, they are sooo outdated and expensive for what it is.

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