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Who is your celeb doppleganger...

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everythingshunkdory Sat 25-Feb-17 18:14:06

...And how does your style compare to theirs? I have been watching the pottery programme and I'm a bit like a brunette version of Sara Cox. She wears a lot more colour than me, and I think we both dress a bit too old for our age. I think we both have quite large boobs for our frame, and for me (maybe her too) I dress maybe a bit too conservatively to try not to accentuate this. She looks better in skinny jeans than me! She also wears more skirts which really suit her so I'm going to try to get a few for summer. She also wears jewellery which I rarely do and it looks great on her so that's something else I will try. I do think I'm going to stick to my neutral pallette rather than her bold colours though.

Would love to hear other comparisons smile

Gingerbreadmam Sat 25-Feb-17 18:17:15

when i was younger an old kind colleauge of mine swore i was a dead ringer for gemma atkinson blush

style wise - similar age, hair, tom boyish style. i always thing her fashion is dated though.

user1488046655 Sat 25-Feb-17 18:19:28

Kate Winslet

everythingshunkdory Sat 25-Feb-17 18:29:11

Gemma Atkinson as in Hollyoaks? Does she have a tom boyish style? Do you mean Arterton? I love her style so effortless smile

How do you dress and is it anything like Kate Winslet? I'm imagining timeless and classic

Gingerbreadmam Sat 25-Feb-17 18:40:47

yes hollyoaks. yes i always find she is in gym gear or loose jeans and plaine jumpers when papped of course.

i remember around that time was when combats were fashionable and i lived in them and if i remember rightly she was often spotted in them too.

fwiw i dont think i look like her and i certainly dont have her figure if only

CatSittingMonkey Sat 25-Feb-17 18:46:49

Natalie Portman. Used to have a figure that matched too but I've put on a couple of stone recently.
Style-wise fairly similar in terms of evening wear - elegant dresses.

elvisola Sat 25-Feb-17 18:48:02

Gwyneth Paltrow. We defiantly have similar hair and I wear it the same as her but only because it's so fine so it's tricky to do anything else.

I can't see it really but so many people have commented on it over the years that I have to concede to there being some similarity somewhere.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sat 25-Feb-17 18:48:08

Shirley Henderson

Not really sure about her style, although she does seem to wear a lot of black, as do I.

HereBeFuckery Sat 25-Feb-17 18:50:12

I get told Holly Willoghby, mainly cos I have a big gob smile and big tits personality I think. grin
I'm also, um, curvy. Bit curvier than HW though.

PossumInAPearTree Sat 25-Feb-17 18:50:16

Drew Barrymore. Maybe not so much now but when I was in my 20s people would literally stop me and say how much I looked like her. Think we both dress quite scruffy casual.

Longdistance Sat 25-Feb-17 18:50:51

Well, not what I think, but at my previous job I had colleagues come up to me and say I looked like Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza.

I can't see it myself, but randoms kept coming up to me saying it confused

MichaelSheensNextDW Sat 25-Feb-17 18:51:51

Princess Mary but let down by my crooked old gnashers. I don't do flashy evening gear but v similar casual looks.

ChristianGreysAnatomy Sat 25-Feb-17 18:53:53

Trinny from bloody trinny and susannah.

Flat chested, straight swingy haired, eyes slightly too close together, tall thin poshos, the pair of us.

I once got compared to Madeline Stowe - but that was by someone who was trying to get off with me so it doesn't count.

MrsMoastyToasty Sat 25-Feb-17 18:56:39

Dawn French. I have dark hair (worn in a long bob for years until recently ). I am short of stature and rather rotund.

Dulcimena Sat 25-Feb-17 18:57:40

A few people have (separately) said Rose Byrne. I'm not sure I can see it, but I'll take it grin

Shockers Sat 25-Feb-17 19:00:52

I looked like a young Jane Asher (during her PMcC days), but not so much now I'm knocking on a bit.

BooMooLeonardo Sat 25-Feb-17 19:07:07

I got told once I looked like Susanna from Trinnie and Susanna. I could see the comparison but preferred DP calling me short, cute and pear-shaped. Although I am more apple now than pear. When teaching I was told I looked like the infamous nanny at the time Louise Woodward. If I had to pick an actress to play me though I would choose Amanda Redman.

BooMooLeonardo Sat 25-Feb-17 19:09:41

Waves to christian
Let's do a show. grin
But don't squeeze my tits, 'kay! wink

retainertrainer Sat 25-Feb-17 19:13:55

I get told I look like Alex off of the one show. My styles not like her though.

AddALemon Sat 25-Feb-17 19:14:02

Everyone always says how much I look like Rachel Mcadams when she was in wedding crashers. Had a few customers at work asking me if I'd been on strictly come dancing recently (claudia Fragapane) but I don't think they don't look alike so God knows hmm

GohomeRoger Sat 25-Feb-17 19:17:18

Kristen Stewart. Enough people have made the comparison that I'm just going with it. I think it's the resting bitch face. Style wise very similar scruffy.

carabos Sat 25-Feb-17 19:20:57

I have always looked like Jan Francis. She's a good bit older than me but we're very alike.

ChampagneCommunist Sat 25-Feb-17 19:23:49

Sandi Toksvig. I just wish I was as smart too

DumbledoresArmy Sat 25-Feb-17 19:24:36

Jess Glynn or a younger Nicole Kidman.
I don't mind, they're both stunners!

PhyllisWig Sat 25-Feb-17 19:37:06

Bette Middler (!) or Gilllian Anderson. guess which one I prefer.

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