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ChipsRedWhite Fri 24-Feb-17 22:58:47

I'm trying to really sort out my wardrobe to just have things I love & will wear in it.

Clothes wise this is going ok but I can not find a pair of shoes - please help!!

I'm after a pair for going out, good for dancing that look like going out shoes (so not rounded ballerina flats)

I can't wear too much of a heel.

I don't like buckles or bows or anything stuck on the front.

I'm not bothered about a particular colour or pattern - anything goes!

Budget wise I'm happy to spend on a pair that I love but I do love a bargain too!

I had a fab pair years ago that were flat, a bit pointy but not crazily so, mainly black with a fab butterfly print (from new look I think!). I can't find anything now!

Please help me!

ChipsRedWhite Sat 25-Feb-17 21:38:54

Shameless bump...

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