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How do i get rid of pigmentation marks from spots

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harleysmammy Fri 24-Feb-17 15:22:23

Im 31 weeks pregnant and broke out like crazy when i was around 10 - 14 weeks. I've never really marked, spots have always just gone - although i have never had a breakout like i did back then. But since then, i dont have actual spots i have red/purple marks on the skin. I thought they were acne scars but they arent as they are superficial and not actually dented into the skin. I'd love to wear not wear such a heavy coverage foundation or to wear no make up again without feeling so self conscious about them. Like i said they have no texture (if thats the right word) so they arent dented into the skin, they arent raised or bumpy etc, they're just pigmentation marks but really pigmented. I used to use blemish serums with salicylic acid in, until i was told to stop using things with the acid in them and even though i know it would have to be used in very high dosages, i would just prefer to stop using them until my son is born. Is there anything else i can do other than using harsh chemicals or are there any creams that can fade them without using acids? I was thinking maybe sudocrem to fade them because it has anti inflammatory in it but i think maybe sudocrem would only reduce the size of spots not get rid of hyper pigmentation? Please help, in 9 weeks i wont have time to put make up on properly and i dont feel comfortable in no make up because of these marks, i also prefer lighter coverage/no make up! Please give me any tips! X

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