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Make up brushes

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Jaimx86 Thu 23-Feb-17 19:38:31

Which brushes do you recommend for foundation, bronzer and blusher?
I had some make up applied at a Dior counter today and I think the brushes she used had more impact than the makeup (I already own and apply some of the make up she used).
Which brushes do you recommend? I have some Spectrum brushes for eye make up, and was considering but I'm open to suggestions.

GlobalTechIndustries Thu 23-Feb-17 19:55:30

I would recommend mac makeup brushes.

Jaimx86 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:00:02

Didn't think about MAC. They have so many foundation do you know which to chose? Is there much difference in the finish depending on the one you use? I love makeup, but have never really applied it with proper tools.

woodhill Thu 23-Feb-17 20:02:02

I like the real technique brushes. On offer in .Boots. I like the eyeshadow and blusher brushes.

chipsandpeas Thu 23-Feb-17 20:35:12

i use real techniques as well, i much prefer them to my cheaper ones bought from amazon and the clinique ones i have

Softkitty2 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:45:49

Zoeva is good

ECR123 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:47:37

Second Zoeva, and the sets are really great value (and look great too)

CateGory8 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:09:22

Third vote for Zoeva

Jaimx86 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:10:26

I've been looking at Zoeva. Are their foundation brushes good?

Alwayscheerful Thu 23-Feb-17 21:35:25

Where is the best place to buy the Zoeva brushes?

uncoolnn Thu 23-Feb-17 21:36:41

Another vote for real techniques. I especially like their expert face brush

Kelsar Thu 23-Feb-17 21:40:14

Real technique brushes - have a look on eBay !

mnaddict1 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:44:02

Crown brushes for me (am a qualified make up artist)

RebelandaStunner Thu 23-Feb-17 21:45:09

Another Real techniques fan.

SuperBeagle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:47:15

Zoeva is great. Inexpensive and much better quality than the YSL and Hourglass ones I have.

sofiainwonderland Sat 25-Feb-17 20:30:30

Another vote both for RT and Zoeva. Zoeva are better though, i did buy the £165 brush belt but it's fab!!!! Has everything you can think of....

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