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Lovely cheap keratin treatment at London Hair Academy

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Saggingninja Thu 23-Feb-17 19:03:27

I've had my hair keratined one before but decided to give the London Academy a go. You have to sign up to receiving texts which offer cheap or free haircuts/keratin. I got one day before yesterday offering a keratin treatment for £30. Texted back and had an appointment today.

It was a really good experience. Everyone was friendly and my student hairdresser was just doing a refresher course. She took her time and applied it in small sections before carefully blowdrying. I never got the impression that I was getting a substandard service. In fact this hairdresser took more time and effort than my previous experience (where she only used the hair straighteners)

One recommendation - if you go - bring a sandwich as if you're having colours or keratin you'll be there for about three hours. But I'm really pleased and for £30 - it's amazing if you want to treat yourself. smile

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