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Amazing skin cleaning gadget - Foreo Luna Mini 2

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foreofan Thu 23-Feb-17 13:43:20

I've name changed for this as my enthusiasm for this gadget might out me if anyone I know reads this!

Anyone got one?

I splurged out about a month ago and LOVE it. My skin was looking so dull and rubbish - wasn't sure if it was an age thing, or becuase we're in winter, or a combination. I read lots of great reviews on this (although none on MN oddly enough) and then Amazon did a timely 20% off deal when I was uming and ahing, so I went for it.

You use it with a foaming cleanser, its takes a couple of minutes top to use. I'm using up a Clarins foaming cleanser, but also have a superdrug teatree gel cleanser (very good) and alternate between them. There are 8 levels, I just use the top one, but it doesn't feel harsh at all. It's so gentle - it polishes my skin, removes any dry skin and I kid you not, your skin feels 'velvety' afterwards. Toner goes on a dream (I use Alpha H every 2nd night, and various other bog standard toners every other time) and mosituriser or serum just sinks in. Your skin really does glow.

It brought up a couple of spots when I first used it - ones that had been lurking but never came to anything, but they healed very quickly and with no scarring. I never really suffered from blackheads, but used to get cyst type bumps on my jawline. They're not completely gone, but they are way smaller and less of them, so hopefully it's a matter of time before they are all gone.

I also like the fact it's more hygienic than the clarisonic type brushes, and no need to get new brush heads. I just give it a rinse under the tap and lay it on a towel to dry off. The silicone bristles are very soft. I keep it in the bathroom cupboard as it does look a bit vibrator like!

I'm surprised no-one on here has mentioned it much - was looking for some kindred spirits to enthuse with as no-one I know has one and my DH can't understand my new found eurphoria for washing my face (he hasn't actually seen it and doesn't know how much it cost mind you!)

Peopleplease Thu 23-Feb-17 15:47:00

I've been looking at this on and off. Never splurged though.

CoolCarrie Thu 23-Feb-17 19:31:12

Aldi had some just like this in December, they cost £ 5.99!

poppysqueak Fri 24-Feb-17 00:07:47

Honestly there is no need to spend anything like £119 to get an excellent one of these. Look for 'silicon face cleaner' on Amazon and there are lots around the £12/£14 mark.
I have had one for a year or two and it cost about £10 and I use it every morning and just recharge every so often with the cable supplied.

poppysqueak Fri 24-Feb-17 00:19:18

Apologies missed the e off - should say 'silicone face cleaner'.
I agree wholeheartedly with the OP about how good they are and have found it very beneficial for my face.

Sparklyuggs Fri 24-Feb-17 07:00:26

Is this different to the clarisonic? I can't decide if I like the clarisonic but I was given a foreo travel for free.

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