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Wedding outfit for wheelchair user

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GrumpyInsomniac Thu 23-Feb-17 09:39:32

Hoping you lovely ladies can help me. SIL is getting married over Easter, and I've concluded I have nothing suitable to wear, largely because buying clothes that actually work when you're in a wheelchair is discouraging, as is the whole going to the shops and hoping they have an accessible changing room thing.

I'm a 5'8" size 18-20 (depending on brand), dark hair, pale skin, and really struggling to find something that will work - have recently had to give up midi dresses because the wind blows straight up them and I can't find a suitable lap blanket that doesn't make me look 80ish (I'm 45), and since we're talking northern England in the Easter holidays, I have to assume it's going to be a bit nippy, so I'll need to be able to layer up if I'm not to freeze.

Underneath all the flab, I'm an hourglass shape, and it would be nice to feel slightly glam when I stand up and take the few steps I can manage in the course of the day.

Recommendations would be very gratefully received. I'm so used to not finding things, I think I have a negative attitude that is actually preventing me finding anything. Help!

GVmama Thu 23-Feb-17 10:50:36

Would you prefer skirt/dress or trousers?

I'm happier in trousers, so I'd go for something like this with a pretty statement necklace instead of the scarf (or as well, and take the scarf off inside)

GVmama Thu 23-Feb-17 10:52:02

Maybe the killer heels might be a bit much!

I also like this kind of thing, but with a different top, the denim shirt it too casual for a wedding.

pimmsy Thu 23-Feb-17 11:00:47

It might not be your cup of tea at all but have you had a look at LindyBop?

pimmsy Thu 23-Feb-17 11:08:14

I forgot to add... with a pettycoat to stop the blowing up in the wind problem!

This lady has some great outfits

pimmsy Thu 23-Feb-17 11:12:22

This may be insensitive so I apologize in advance if it is

Could you "glam up" your wheels with some fake flowers etc?

(A friend did this at my sisters wedding and it was incredible, it looked like she was sitting on a flower thrown!)

pimmsy Thu 23-Feb-17 11:13:12


trixymalixy Thu 23-Feb-17 14:45:26

At my sister's wedding my cousin wore a bright red suit which looked absolutely stunning.

GrumpyInsomniac Thu 23-Feb-17 21:23:02

Thanks, everyone smile

@GVmama I love trousers and they may prove to be the most practical option in terms of wind, although I can foresee some raised eyebrows. However, I'm the one who has to wear this, and I am pretty sure SIL would prefer me to be comfortable. This is a great start.

@pimmsy I do seem to suit those kinds of dress, but wasn't familiar with those sites, so that's loads of inspiration right there. And no, not remotely offended at the suggesting of pimping my chair with flowers - I have some friends who are going to help me yarn bomb it at some point, and we'd gone so far as thinking up different 'outfits' for it, depending on the occasion. The bottom but with the motor in is a shiny red, which now has me wondering whether I need to colour coordinate with the wheelchair 🤔 I may be overthinking this.

@trixymalixy I've not worn red as more than an accent for years, since I piled the weight on, but it's a good colour on me when I have the courage to wear it. Maybe time to reintroduce it generally to my wardrobe.

flowers everyone for your help. I was so discouraged when I posted, and now I'm actually kind of excited. Thank you!

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