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Skinny jeans for big calves

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Bex134 Thu 23-Feb-17 04:37:07

I'm in search of skinny jeans - I'm a size 12 (ish-just had baby!) I find for skinny jeans to fit I need a 14 but then they're too big at the top and look ridiculous. Have you ever found a pair that work with bigger calves.

M&s did a style called relaxed skinny but they've stoped making them sad

Diamonddealeroncemore Thu 23-Feb-17 08:02:11

I have very chunky knees and calves I wear Sainsbury's girlfriend jeans as they are bigger over the calves and not as tight as skinnies.

decemberdaze Thu 23-Feb-17 08:29:24

I don't think you will ever find them. Finding a style that suits and flatters would be better wouldn't it?

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