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Maternity Jeans

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hiimmumma Wed 22-Feb-17 22:13:08

My LO is coming up to 5months and I have been wearing maternity Jeans still since I was about 4months pregnant.
I had 2 pairs and the last has finally given up the ghost and I have no other Jeans.
Am I totally mad to buy another pair of maternity Jeans rather than regular ones? They are just so comfy and actually hold my tummy in a bit.
(Also good for covering up stretch mark flabby belly when lifting tops up to breastfeed)
Basically I know I'm gonna get some but just wondered if anyone else had done the same or if I am mad and on my own...

Sparklyuggs Thu 23-Feb-17 07:32:55

I'm pg with my first but I strongly believe in wearing what makes us feel good but comfortable, so if a nice pair of maternity jeans fit well and make you feel good then why not?

KP86 Thu 23-Feb-17 08:07:20

Wearing maternity clothes long after you give birth is one of the best benefits of motherhood.

BabyHamster Thu 23-Feb-17 09:23:05

For the first few months after giving birth I carried on wearing maternity clothes and it was bloody brilliant.

Then one day around six months I suddenly stopped feeling ok with it, wanted to lose all the baby weight and get back into normal clothes again. It was like a light switch. That might happen to you eventually, but in the meantime make the most of how you feel right now.

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